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I liked Fargo Season 1, but it was slightly hampered by REALLY wanting to be Breaking Bad. There was always that sense of characters and narrative dangerously tumbling out of control, and if Fargo could have just owned that, it wouldn't have looked to be in Breaking Bad's shadow. The show now seems for comfortable in its own skin, and is exhibiting a more measured confidence in the approach to Season 2.

Why do I say that Fargo is one of the most confident shows on television? Well just take a look at these teaser trailers. There's no sense of grandiosity, or beating the audience over the head until they're excited. There's just this brilliant sense of subtle darkness peaking through the mundane imagery. So what has FX offered us to get hyped for the premiere of Fargo in September!

Peck peck, boom boom!

I've already stated how impressed I was with this first teaser here. It presents that brilliant sense of smallness that Fargo works with, positing the instinctual and habitual nature of a woodpecker against the very conscious and mediated trials of human beings. In a way, Fargo is about contextualizing the concepts of violence and evil, and this teaser shows that Season 2 is doing that right off the bat!

Curl up and Dye

I called it, didn't I? Kirsten Dunst is gonna be up to know good, and will be the character roped into the most trouble! This teaser has a brilliant bait and switch, with us thinking Dunst's Peggy Blomquist is washing blood off her hands. Alas, she's only working in a hair salon, but given her nervous and paranoid disposition, that red dye could well be representative of something. I'm guessing Peggy could be a similar character to last season's Lester Nygaard, committing one horrible act at the beginning of the season, then evading capture for the remainder of the story.

Break time

So Ted Danson has completely shed all that uncoolness that gets stuck to you when you star in CSI! The guy is looking plain grizzled, and will probably be some kind of mentor figure to Patrick Wilson's younger interpretation of Lou Solverson. This is easily the most minimalist of the teasers for Fargo Season 2, and is devoid of some dark twist, but it sets up that vital sense of the mundane that Fargo hinges on.

The simple image of these two characters taking a coffee break cements them as normal cops unable to deal with whatever malicious force is about to grace their town. Plus, that north border American Accent really doesn't hurt. I don't know how Patrick Wilson gets that across with just the word "okay", but he works with it!

Is this how teaser trailers should be?

I can only feel that the way show runner Noah Hawley has managed the reveal of Fargo before its premiere in September is how all shows should be teased. In the adjacent quote, Hawley shows why it's more respectful to your audience not to dangle things above them, but to make the teasing have artistic value in and of itself. These teaser trailers aren't just statements of the show existing, but are rather tiny tiny art films that happen to promote an upcoming TV show as a byproduct!

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Do these trailers make you excited for Fargo Season 2?


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