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7 days in hell is the HBO TV movie special that follows two tennis players in a Wimbledon match that...well literally lasts for 7 days. It stars Andy Samberg and Kit Harington as the tennis players and it is just a completely absurd comedy that really pushes the genre to it's lengths, and it is utterly ridiculous but in a good way.

I was really looking forward to watching this as the premise of it sounded so stupid that I figured it would be a hilariously fun time, and it was. 7 days in hell as I said really takes the 'comedy' genre to a peak level, in terms of its over the top nature. Some people will look at this and see it as a completely intolerant, vulgar and a completely stupid show that has no meaning, and to be honest they probably would be right but I love that. You have to go into this really knowing the Andy Samberg type comedy he delivers as what he does is ridiculous. Check out his group 'The Lonely Island' listening to their songs will show you how much he likes the real slapstick silly side of comedy, especially when one of your hits is called 'Jizz in my pants'.

7 days in hell has a lot of great things to enjoy and the main thing that I adored in this was Kit Harington's performance as Charles Poole. This is such a new thing to see Kit Harington in, and of course it is so very distant from his role as Jon Snow in Game Of Thrones. Charles Poole is portrayed as one of the great british tennis players, the funny thing is that his character is probably the dumbest person on the planet, and it really is funny. That is the characters charm really, is the fact he is so dumb yet known as a great tennis player, and his over use of the word 'indubitably' is incredibly hilarious. Kit really seemed like he really got into this role, which is great given how this was only shot in 3 days and since it was so ridiculous, it wasn't like he had to delve into the role but it really looked like he did and I think he had a lot of fun with this role.

The special guest appearances in this are great as well. Such celebrities as Michael sheen, David Copperfield, June Squibb, Karen Gillan and Lena Dunham...oh and the whole thing is narrated by Jon Hamm. Not only does it have those famous stars, its also has actual real life tennis stars in the form of Serena Williams and John McEnroe, so this film really has quite an ensemble and I absolutely enjoyed these people and the roles they played, especially Michael Sheen's to which I won't spoil, you just really have to watch it.

There were lots of great jokes and references that I loved in this. Some of the jokes about the country England were so funny, and I am from England. The silly references to things were great, there was even a moment where they mocked 'The Blair Witch Project'...literally for no reason but it was brilliant. Also in general the over the top humour I liked and I accepted it as I knew what I was getting into with this and as I said before especially it being Andy Samberg.

However coming onto the negatives, I would say despite how the over the top humour can be enjoyable and I will say I really did enjoy it. There are times where the humour gets too ridiculous it can be tough to laugh at because it gets just too much. Like there is a scene of a 3D animated male orgy in a prison...yeah that happened. Although that may be funny to some people I found myself laughing at it because I felt like I had to when really it was just incredibly weird.

Now Andy Samberg as his character Aaron Williams, is a really interesting character and of course a funny one. But I will say that I felt his funny moments happened near the beginning and after that he wasn't as funny to me anymore, he still made me chuckle a few times but I was expecting to be like crying with laughter.

One other slight flaw but not a huge one. For me I think I would have liked this to be longer as I think there was more room for humour to happen, and I guess in some way it is a good thing as leaves you wanting some more of it, but knowing you won't get anymore it makes it disappointing.

Overall I think 7 days in hell is something people should check out because it is just something to be seen, it can't be well described, like I don't think I have served it a justice here trying to say how outlandish it is. Lots of people will enjoy it, however don't expect to see a masterpiece. But at the end of the day it was still indubitably funny.


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