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The past few days at SDCC 2015 have been absolutely bursting at the cos-playing seams with Wonder Woman related Dawn of Justice goodies! The sheer multitude of eye popping gadgets and tight fitting super-suits have sent DC fans and superhero nuts in general into a nerdgasmic ogling frenzy over all the thing's we'll see the newly ripped Gal Gadot interact with in the up-coming Trinity based epic! And it's only just begun!

Many have cast aside their aspersions of whether Gal will be the Wonder Woman they want, in awe of all these glorious things to come. Lest we forget however, there have been some pretty bad-ass Wonder Women over the years too. Let's take a look at some of the ones you might not have known about up until now!

1. Rosario Dawson - Justice League: Throne of Atlantis

You may know her from Men in Black, Clerks, Sin City and now the incredible Daredevil... but did you know that she also absolutely rocked it as the voice of our favorite Amazonian princess?!

2. Michelle Monaghan - Justice League: War

When she's not on screen with the likes of Matt Damon and Tom Cruise in nail biting action films (Mission Impossible, Bourne Supremacy), she can be found lending her vocal chords to the world of DC Animations - in particular portraying a VERY stressed out Diana Prince indeed.

3. Tamara Taylor - Justice League: Gods and Monsters

With connections to the MCU through acting in Serenity, directed by Avengers directing behemoth Joss Whedon, Tamara shows no bias when it comes to superherodom by voicing an alternate universe version of Wonder Woman in this upcoming DC miniseries.

4. Gina Torres - DC Universe Online

Another Joss Whedon alumni, Gina Torres (Firefly) is no stranger to hollering in the DCU in an array of different rolls over the years, from Vixen to Superwoman all the way to the playable sword and shield wielding warrior in the addictive online DC Universe game. Who could forget her role as Cas in the Matrix films either!?

5. Keri Russell - Wonder Woman

Acting buddies alongside Michelle Monaghan in Mission Impossible III, Keri too has been seen on screen in animation form as the lasso of truth lashing princess.

6. Rileah Vanderbilt - Wonder Woman (Short)

Many people favored her over Gal Gadot after watching the Wonder Woman short that got so many DC fans excited. Who could argue with such a convincing look and onscreen presence though?!

7. Lucy Lawless - Justice League: The New Frontier

There is hardly a more perfect person to voice such an independent force of nature as Wonder Woman than Lucy Lawless... After all, she's already spent a whole chunk of her life acting as one in Xena Warrior Princess!

8. Kari Wahlgren - Justice League vs. Bizarro League

This girl has almost certainly voiced the majority of your favorite animated characters without you probably even knowing it! Her resume is outstanding from Arkham Knight, TMNT, Star Wars, Green Arrow, Rick and Morty, Spider-Man to Kung Fu Panda...the list goes on. Her performance of Bizarra and Wonder Woman are not to be missed either!

9. Susan Eisenberg - Multiple Titles

If you haven't heard of Susan Eisenberg, she is pretty much the Mac Daddy of voicing Wonder Woman! What Kevin Conroy is to Batman, Susan is to Wonder Woman. She is part of the DC furniture now!

10. Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman 1975 TV-Series

Last but certainly not least, here she is, the OG, the one and only, the gorgeous Lynda Carter! She was the one who started it all way back in 1975 as the first live action Wonder Woman (I haven't forgotten about those other previous animations don't worry!) with those bullet reflecting wrist guards and domineering lasso of truth! If you haven't checked out the original series, then what are you doing? Go and watch it! Now!


How many of these did you know?


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