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Im like many others on MoviePilot. Comic books to comic movies/TV series. Sci-Fi, action, and fantasy movies, you name it, Im a fan of it.

The fanboy wars grow ever so powerful and people like me find ourselves caught in the middle because we like both DC and Marvel. Clearly Marvel are ahead in the game but doesn't mean they are the best. Disney/Marvel are holding up well with their cinematic universe but how long can they keep it going. Now Im really excited to see the expansion of the DC Cinematic Universe simply because its getting to the point where I need it. And I think the same goes for many others.

A different kind of movie

According the Warner Bros. their DC movies are more director driven than Marvel's. Of course Kevin Feige responded saying how their movies were director driven. Personally I have to agree with the folks at Warner Bros. because I do believe directors get more control over DC movies. Movies like Man of Steel and Watchmen can be identified as a Zack Snyder creations. Same goes for Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy and Tim Burton's Batman movies. I don't get this with the MCU movies because they all feel the same. The films tones and writing feel rather similar. Don't get me wrong the Marvel Cinematic Universe has great movies but if I didn't know any better I'd think they were all done by the same director. While this is a good age to be living in if you're a fan of comics, the repetitiveness of the MCU movies may begin to hit you. Believe or not but already over the past couple of weeks I've been seeing comments from people who have been saying that their actually getting bored of all these Marvel movies. Now if you're a big fan of these movies then this maybe hard to accept, but even for the most loyal fans this will become an issue. This is why Im beginning the crave for some DC movies because I need something different.


Now Im looking forward to the future of the MCU but what's really needed is for the market to be balanced out a bit. Its great having comic book movies but only having ones that have the same tone and style all the time will get boring. So to keep the interest strong in the MCU I believe its necessary that we get a DCCU. As well as that I also think we should continue to get Marvel movies from Fox as their movies are also different in a unique way. The darker and more grounded world has always appealed to me more because I can get more emotionally attached to the characters. It also feels like the world we live in as well. I know some people have complained about DC movies being to dark but not all of there movies will be like that. Shazam and The Flash will probably be more light hearted and involve some humour, which is good because we don't want all the DC movies to be dark as they'll only end up falling into the repetitive scheme that the MCU seems to be hitting. But having a few darker movies is ok.

DC vs Marvel
DC vs Marvel

While the big difference between the Marvel and DC movies is the tone and style, I also think we need this DCCU because of its characters. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, and Aquaman have been around much longer than most the characters you're seeing in the MCU. Some over two decades. We've obviously seen Batman and Superman many times but at last we're actually going to be seeing them in the same universe, on the big screen. As well as that there are characters such as Wonder Woman, Flash, and Aquaman that have been long overdue to get big screen live action adaptions. These characters are icons and they deserve to be in a shared cinematic universe just as much as Marvel's characters do. The history that these characters have carried is huge, which makes the comic book movie genre feel a little empty because we haven't seen them yet. So the fact that we're finally getting to see these characters that owned the shelves in comic book stores before the birth of Marvel's most popular is fantastic.

DC Universe
DC Universe

Another reason why I believe we need this cinematic universe is to see a comic book shared world told differently. A lot of people often say that DC should follow in Marvel's roots and set their universe up the same. Like doing separate character movies before the big crossover. But when a character like Bruce Wayne witnesses certain events in Metropolis, he isn't going to stay quiet until his own movie comes around. Same for characters like Wonder Woman, when they realise that their not the only super-powered beings in the world they just might come out of the shadows. At the end of the day this is just another way of showing how its all connected. If the DCCU was done the same way as Marvel's then it would have nothing new or unique to it.

Finally two of DC's earliest movies before Justice League are something Marvel haven't done yet. A villains movie and a Female lead movie. I know Marvel have their Captain Marvel movie on the way in 2018, but it would have taken them ten years since the start of the cinematic universe to get a female lead movie out. We also have the Suicide Squad movie coming out next year that Im really excited about as again, its something different that Marvel hasn't brought us yet.

Suicide Squad
Suicide Squad


So thats all I have to say on this occasion. Im really excited to finally see the DCCU rise as it'll hopefully bring balance to the market. That and the future of Fox's movies including Deadpool and [X-Men: Apocalypse](tag:1194267), which should also be able to give us something different. Also after seeing the comic con trailers to Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad I literally can't wait until next year.

I plan on writing some articles based on the DCTV series next, so until next time.


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