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WARNING: Possible spoilers for The Walking Dead TV and comic series ahead!

We've been waiting for it since Season 5 ended in March, but now the Comic-Con trailer for The Walking Dead Season 6 is finally here, and it does not disappoint!

When we left Rick, Daryl and the crew at the end of Season 5 they were still finding their feet in their new community of Alexandria, and unsure of the new people they had encountered. Rick had just shot Jessie's abusive husband Pete, Morgan had just saved Aaron and Daryl, and when the two finally came face-to-face again, it was clear that the old friends had become very different people.

The trailer that premiered at San Diego Comic-Con today is very much in the same vein as previous years trailers, with a lot of probable misdirection (remember last year when they made it seem as though Rick was teaming up with the Termites?), but also a lot of great footage. I've broken it down as best I could, so take a look at the trailer and then check out the highlights:

WOW - am I right?! October 11th cannot come soon enough!

Right let's break that crazy mess down!

Herd's a-comin'

Hiding for your life.
Hiding for your life.

First up we have some obvious signs that walkers are making a return as a serious threat. Throughout Season 5 the show became more about humans being threats, and often times the walkers were reduced to nuisances rather than dangers.

It looks as though the show might bring to life the 'No Way Out' storyline from the comics where the gunshots that killed Pete inadvertently attract huge herd of walkers that seriously threaten Alexandria. That would also explain a still-bandaged Rick giving a speech about "making things work" to what looks like the whole town, who are sheltering inside a house away from rouge walkers who may have gotten inside the walls. It also sounds like some of the residents are less than happy about Rick taking charge, judging by the unnamed man (played by Ethan Embry) who questions Rick by saying "so we're all just supposed to fall in line behind you...."?

Hide your kids, hide your potential new girlfriend.

The shots of people hiding indoors only seems to confirm that the 'No Way Out' storyline of Alexandria being significantly threatened by walkers will be a reality.

In a shot around the 1:49 mark we see Jessie hiding inside a closet with her son n the background. This is a scene taken almost directly from the comic series, and what follows it is some serious drama. Comic readers will be waiting with baited breath to see if The Walking Dead writers and directors are ready to make a bold move involving one of the main characters. If you're unsure what I'm talking about then feel free to click HERE to see the panel from the comics - but bear in mind, it does contain a rather big spoiler.

She's not talking about Morgan

Then we get to Deanna making a rather firm sounding speech to many of the residents of Alexandria telling them:

He's been out there, he's faced it. We are going to trust him. ALL of us.

Her speech is intercut with a couple of shots of Morgan, however this could be that classic misdirection that The Walking Dead trailers have become great at. In my opinion it's more than likely that Deanna is backing up what Rick said earlier in the trailer, and also cutting down any residents who dare to object.

Morgan is still obviously a bad-ass

Morgan kicking some massive ass
Morgan kicking some massive ass

Morgan once again demonstrates his mad staff fighting skills when he takes down another man at this point - who is this man? Judging by the use of force (which Morgan proved in the Season 5 finale he only uses when forced to) he could possibly one of the Wolves - or maybe an Alexandria resident who is out of control?

I'm Rick Grimes, bitch!

Rick ain't afraid to pull out his barrel.
Rick ain't afraid to pull out his barrel.

Alright so I guess here we're supposed to think that Rick is delivering one hell of a speech to Morgan, however this isn't my first Walking Dead trailer rodeo and I'm onto their editing tricks! I'm not entirely sure who Rick is putting the fear of God into, but it could possibly be Nicholas, given that he gives a very similar speech to him in the comic series. I can't be too sure but I would place money on it being an Alexandria resident.

Daryl Dixon's post-credit scene

Alright - what looks to be about 20 seconds of pure Daryl goodness! There's a few theories about who the newcomers are who appear to have kidnapped Daryl. While the people could possibly be some survivors named Dwight and Sherry who feature in the comic series, my mind can't help but drift back to something that Scott Gimple told Entertainment Weekly a week or two ago. Gimple stated the in the first half of Season 6 would contain a lot of backstory to the comics - stuff that is mentioned in the comic series, but never shown. Last season we learned about the character 'Davidson' who he was exiled from Alexandria by Deanna along with another man and a woman: Could these three possibly be the ones who seem to have captured Daryl? I definitely think they could be.

I would also hazard a guess that this post-credit Daryl scene is really supposed to put the scares into us that Daryl may not make it through Season 6 alive. Whether this is simply a red herring, or will prove to be true (much like what they did with Beth in the Season 5 Comic-Con trailer) we'll just have to wait and see.

The Walking Dead Season 6 premiers on October 11th on AMC.

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