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So we all know Tony Stark makes/made a lot of suits (Iron man 3 is a good example) but what if Tony made suits not just for himself, but for other heroes and villains too? Well, here's how they would look like...


We've already seen Batman's new Iron Bat Suit in the Batman v Superman trailer, on the set of Suicidal Squad and at Comic Con 2015.

But here's what the suit would actually look like if Tony Stark had built it!

It has dark coloured equipment and a glowing bat on his chest... and a jet cape? I really hope thats a jet cape!

Iron Spider-man

With Spider-man, we know from the comics that Tony builds Spidey his own suit, and we also saw it in the Amazing Spider-man 2 Game...

But heres a different Iron Spider-man with the red and blue colours, more armor and more firepower!

Iron Wolverine

Wolverine already has a very strong defense line, adamantium, but if he wouldn't mind more firepower, here is the Iron Wolverine.

Iron Green Arrow

Iron Deadpool

Now this is something Tony really needs to build!

Iron Magneto

He can already control metal, so now he can absolutely control his suit in any way he wants!

If you would like to know more about the mastermind behind these images, the creator of all these mash-ups is Kode. Here's what he had to say about the project:

"It started off as a joke, mashing Wolverine with Iron Man," he told Crave. "Everyone went crazy and wanted to see other iconic characters fused with the Iron Man suit."

So he created a lot more, which you can see on his profile on Behance.Iron Man Mash! There are a lot of other characters too that you should definitely see!


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