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I love all of avatar, I love everyone's little jokes and the sad secrets behind the scenes. I can't believe the show is over. I'm devastated. I would not want to watch short mini adventures of the legend of korra unless they were similar to the short mini episodes available on YouTube. I would love a special reunion series getting to old gang back together and finishing up season 4 air of the original avatar the last Airbender. Also why are there no cute scenes of Genora and Kye after the three year break? I think to end the new series for good you should have one final episode featuring the newly remodeled republic city with vacations in the spirit world, airbenders soaring through the sky, humans and spirits having conversations, Mako back on the beat stoping some more triads, Asami and Korra together cutting the ribbon for the new city extensions, prince woo heading up a new government in basingse, a memorial for Asami's dad,Genora and Kai working together, Veric, Asami, and Julie inventing something, Bolin learning metal bending from his girlfriend. Just lots of little scenes of everyone apart at first and then members of the red Lotus kidnap Julie and want to ransom the invention that they've been creating. Varic gathers together everyone to try to save her the whole cast runs forward to stop the Red Lotus Bolan jumps in the air and shouts team avatar is back again, the screen freezes and then you see the credits.

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by aschsydney

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p.s. U should look into making a game there are some interesting things on Pinterest about it.


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