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As a child , I dreamed of being an entertainer , being someone people admired . But, who explains to a little kid , how to be famous and ric
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(THERE ARE SOME GAMING TERMS MARKED WITH A * ,Explained at the bottom)

Why the hell do a guy like me choose this topic . It's because I'm a fan . And true men hate it when they hear people spreading rumours about something they love .

What relevence does gaming industry have on our economy ? Nothing much. Work to millions , Entertainment to billions . Yet , what is gaming to my parents and teachers ?A cancer cell that needs to be burned off . We have heard it all . All the controversies surrounding it . But , what do we really need ? A heartfelt opinion of a fan , a gamer .

I don't think gaming is an addiction ,but the problem is the addicted person can't say if he is addicted to something that he is really addicted to . I don't know ,I can't say . Write it down because I'll only tell it once. A PERSON WHO HAVEN'T HAD A KFC CHICKEN WING CAN'T BE EXPLAINED ,THE TASTE OF A KFC CHICKEN WING . Whoo !! I gotta say shit like this more often .

Couldn't help it . Look at the lil' guy .
Couldn't help it . Look at the lil' guy .

So, as I was saying , It is a matter of ignorance . Judging something that is unknown . Fearing things you know nothing about . Don't worry , troubled mother , your son is not going to a psycho if he plays a few violent games . Let him play GTA* . Let him wander free in those beautiful street killing graphic-created humans . Oh . Almost shed a tear writing that one .

For research purposes I asked my mom what she knew about gaming . The results shocked me . I wanted to die . Suddently , I didn't want to live in this planet anymore .

I didn't commit suicide nor did I book a rocket to Mars . I just took down her opinion in points . [REASON: My father promised me a gaming PC the following month :)]

The following were her shocking relevations , 0_o

Gaming was :-

Exactly!!He probably don't own a PS3*

1)Waste of time - (Really?I thought brushing my teeth was a waste of time... )

2)No reading - (As a matter of fact ,I do read . The first thing I do while playing a game is enabling the subtitle)

3)Socially Inactive - (Ummm, Let me think . I talk to people )

4)No Family Bonding - ( Bonding? This happens when why I converse with my mom. Fate!!! )

5) "Plastic Children" - ( DA HELL !! I don't have an idea what that means )

6)Violence ( Refer the pic.)

Exactly!!He probably don't own a PS3*
Exactly!!He probably don't own a PS3*

Let's get into serious business . I'm a writer . I take my stuff seriously .

You see,these are some preconceptions of a common parent . I can totally understand why. I don't blame them . They are true to some point and dear friends , I don't plan on bringing statistics to a heartfelt article . Many play a lot , many who really have to get a life . But, that doesn't mean you can put blame on Video Games . Many dudes love to ride a bike . It means a lot to them . They may use it a lot . Do we have the right to question them , ask them to take a bus , complain about degradation of petrol ,warn them about dangers on the road ? They won't listen to you . They get something that nothing else can give . You can have all the money in the world and can't still buy it . It is something beautiful . I am not the person to describe it . Bike's just an example . There are many desires lurking inside us . Some of them , more socially accepted . It makes us sane .

Gaming is something similar to me . Call it addiction , I will call it a passion . Treat it like curse to our society , it is beautiful art for me .Ahh! I am in tears . God, I need therapy .

So,where was I ? Gaming , an art where creativity is limitless . With each game title setting the bars high . It's a new world , another dimension .

I love books . My parents love it ,when I'm reading books . What does books do ? Pause a moment and think . They give us experience , trigger an emotion and take us to another world . This sounds familiar .....Let me think....

This is the purpose of gaming too . Atleast , it is for me . The exact same experience and more . It matters what we think . Atleast it gives an illusion that it does . Here , we can see it , hear it . Pretty soon , we can touch it . I'm serious . Don't you people read DIGIT* ?

Violence is a common complaint raised by parents . I have been gaming since , I was 6 years old . I am 18 now . I never pick up fights . I never hurt my little brother . Even if I fought it was brief and only occured in really few numbers . It is not because I'm not physically capable . It is because I can see the consequences . It is because I can realise the pain that inflicts . If a few "unstable" people , behaved inappropriately , inspired by works of art . Don't blame it on artists . Blame it on people around them . Or maybe not . Who am I to decide ? Blame it on Justin Beiber . Now everyone's happy , right?

Sure , games do give freedom to violence without consequences . Last day , while playing GTA V* , I shot a guy because he didn't take the photo of my new expensive virtual car (Most people in GTA do.Ah!!Praise the creators of the game. The amount of detail).This doesn't mean I'm gonna do it in real life . Most people playing GTA V are violent in the virtual world . Rarely , does they carry this emotion to real world . I repeat . I'm not saying statistics . Hated them all the way throughout school .

Feel bad for the guy . See , gamers have emotions .
Feel bad for the guy . See , gamers have emotions .

Lack of exercise was never a problem for me . What started out as a way to impress my friends became a habit . I take almost 60 pushups , 20 pullups . Most of friends who are active in sports are incapable to do so .

Socially inactive . Don't you call us socially inactive . There are a billions of gamers connected by gaming commmunities . I became attached to many friends via these commmunites , all connected by one love - Video Game . Most of them , I have never met ,living halfway across the world . We discuss music , movies etc . We may never see each other . But, we're having fun , enjoying the ride . We may be aliens in the community we live in , but we can find a lot of similar love here . We share the same playground in multiplayer modes* . Social is social even if it is via internet . Social is social ,even if it is via a microphone .Social is social , even if I'm using a Microsoft-produced keyboard .

WhAt DoEs *-ed ThiNGs MeAn>>>>

GTA-Grand Theft Auto.It's a gaming franchise which has been around for years .Shame on , if you haven't heard of it . It is one of the best and critically-acclaimed titles ever.

Consoles, Gaming Consoles
Consoles, Gaming Consoles

PS3-Playstation 3. As the name indicates the third generation of the Sony's gaming consoles .Please don't ask what a gaming console* is.

Gaming console(for really dumb people)-A thingy in which humans play video games .

DIGIT-It is a tech magazine ,widely available in Indian Subcontinent . Who am I kidding ? I don't even know what subcontinent means.

Multiplayer modes- Games are both played by a single player and by a group of players . Please just imagine a lot of football players playing together . Similar scenaria.

Multiplayer Can Make People More Close . Please Stop The Hate
Multiplayer Can Make People More Close . Please Stop The Hate

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