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We've seen Night Furies and Stormcutters, the gigantic Bewilderbeast and tiny Fireworm. But what new types of dragons could we see in How to Train Your Dragon 3?

There are countless different dragon myths from around the world: many different national cultures have incorporated giant serpents into their legends. With plenty of inspiration, writer Dean DeBlois is hard at work creating new dragons for Hiccup to find. This is assuming he has time to continue his exploration now that he's the Chief of his tribe.

Hiccup is going to face a lot of responsibility in the next film, the consequences of which may cause a rift between him and Toothless (you can read my article on this, and other HTTYD3 news here!) It's unclear whether he'll be able to continue his dream of finding other dragons and mapping the world. But this could very well be the plot for How To Train Your Dragon 3: as we follow Hiccup in his travels, what new dragons might we find?

Lung dragon

The Chinese Lung dragon is very different from the dragon types we've seen so far in How To Train Your Dragon. It looks far more like a serpent, with only two limbs and no wings. However, it does fly. Unlike Western dragons, these creatures are not fearful or fire breathing, but rather revered, and symbolise heroism, beauty, and power.

In the books, Hiccup explores many different lands, and we started to see this happen in How to Train Your Dragon 2. Perhaps the third film will show him travel much much further, discovering a culture similar to that of China. What could the dragon riders of Berk learn from a culture that has long appreciated their own type of dragon?


Often mistaken for a normal European dragon, Wyverns actually only have two legs and two wings. In folklore, the Wyvern is related to cold weather, can create ice and lightning, and has a venomous bite. It is rarely depicted as breathing fire.

So far in How To Train Your Dragon, we've only encountered one dragon that can create ice: the enormous Bewilderbeast. Could the Wyvern be related to this gigantic creature in some way?

Treasure-Hoarding Dragon

This is a very traditional fairy tale image of the dragon. In lots of stories, dragons are attracted to all things shiny and valuable (think Smaug in The Hobbit). How To Train Your Dragon 3 could show Hiccup off on a treasure hunt. What could this ancient treasure be? Treasure hoarding dragons have been known to talk in popular tales. Could Hiccup finally be able to converse with a dragon? I don't think Toothless would be very happy about that...

(Also, check out these unusual dragon hoards. Treasure doesn't have to mean gold and jewels!)


In Greek mythology, the Cetus was a fearsome sea dragon, plaguing explorers who roamed the high seas. It is also a constellation. This dragon was so vast and terrifying, the only hope to save the seaside city of Philistia was for the King and Queen to sacrifice their daughter Andromeda to Poseidon.

What if we saw this story play out in How To Train Your Dragon 3? A city besieged by a sea serpent, a princess in peril, and Hiccup swooping in to save the day!


A dragon from the Asian country of Bhutan, this dragon has many similarities to the Chinese Lung dragon: it also has no wings and a snake like body, but it has four limbs and horns. In Butanese mythology, this dragon can summon thunder and sometimes control the weather! This would be a great new ally for Hiccup, and also expand the mythology of how dragons exist in nature. Are they connected to the weather itself?


A strange hybrid dragon from the state of Manipur in India, the Pakhangba has a deer's antlers and the body of a snake. The creature can be found in sacred ponds and caves, and has a strong connection to the ancient royal family. In Meitei mythology, the ancestor of one of their clans could transform into a Pakhangba dragon. This is definitely something new and interesting for Hiccup to encounter: humans who can change into dragons! Could this be frightening or exciting?

Fantastic Discoveries

There's a lot more of Hiccup's world yet to explore, and with his mother's help, maybe he can find strange allies in his quest to discover new lands and the dragons that inhabit them. Or should How To Train Your Dragon 3 focus on the trials and tribulations of being Chieftan? Let us know what you think in the comments!


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