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With Ben Affleck set to play Batman in the DC Cinematic Universe, the question is "when will we get a Batfleck movie". I honestly don't know for a fact when Warner Bros. plans on releasing the movie, but here are some things that I think they should consider in making the movie.

1. Don't Go to Extremes With the Type of Batman

Which Batman do you choose?
Which Batman do you choose?

Here's what I'm trying to get across, just because Batman in this universe is supposed to be a little more "dark and gritty" doesn't mean you have to suck all of the fun elements from Batman. I feel like that with Batman's portrayals over the years you either get campy Batman, or "realistic" Batman. The only real exception to this trend is probably the Tim Burton Batman. Burton's Batman still managed to be dark and gritty but at the same time had a wacky Joker as a villain. So overall, I want a Batman movie that's dark, but still has those fantastical elements in it.

2. The Joker Doesn't Have to Be the Main Villain

We don't want too much Joker
We don't want too much Joker

It's not like I hate the Joker as a villain, he's actually my favorite Batman villain. But the Joker doesn't always have to be the main villain. I mean, Batman has many other great villains that could make just as cool stories. Personally, I think they should base the story of Under The Red Hood. Sure, you would have to explain to a movie audience that there have been multiple Robins, but besides that, it wouldn't be that hard to adapt.

3. Enough with Batman's Origin

We've already seen the poor kid's parents die.
We've already seen the poor kid's parents die.

All I can say is that I'm pretty sure a majority of the people seeing this movie, know Batman's origin. Now I know there might be people out there that might not know his origin all that well, but I doubt those audience members would even care to see his origin.

4. Make Gotham the Dark Place its Supposed to Be

My main problem with Nolan's Batman (which I do like by the way) is that they make Gotham a very modern city. Sure, Gotham in Batman begins looks like a Gotham I'd imagine for the movies, but then the Gotham we get in Dark Knight looks completely different. I want the Gotham in this new movie modeled after the one we saw in the Arkham games. Don't make the city look too old and run down, but don't make it to shiny-looking like its Metropolis.

5. Make the Movie Fun

Batman is a comic book character, and comics can get pretty crazy. I'm not saying the movie should be lighthearted and campy, but what I am saying is that since this is a super hero movie, the people making the movie shouldn't be afraid of making the movie a little ridiculous. Maybe feature villains like Killer Croc or Man-Bat, not as major villains, but maybe one offs.


Which Batman story would you be most excited to see on screen?


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