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In order to survive any sort of apocalypse (whether it is zombies, drought, or nuclear holocaust), groups of survivors tend to live longer than individuals. Even dysfunctional teams somehow find a way to tolerate each other in order to live. So in this hypothetical world where the world has become a desert wasteland where resources are scarce and crazed survivors could potentially murder me at any moment, my team has to be efficient, tough, and frankly well-armed. Staying small since it’s smarter in order to survive (totally not because the rules of the contest say only three additional members), the three members of my apocalypse team have some form of experience in surviving harsh times in their respected plotlines. While I am not well versed in the arts of surviving situations where I should be ashes on the ground, my team members are in order to improve my chances of not dying. Now to meet the members who will party with me in 2134:


That’s right, the first member of the team is not even human. From Interstellar, TARS is the robot that is a Swiss army knife for the astronauts finding a new planet to populate. While the rectangle robot is not necessarily the most memorable or advanced robot in film, it does offer qualities that are ideal for the landscape that Earth has been place in. One of the most appealing features of TARS is that it is easily programmable. In the movie, the characters are able to change the settings of TARS simply by ordering it to readjust. Other robots in other media, a character has to open it up then use tools to reprogram it. Who has time for that in a world where angry cannibals might hunt the group down and eat us? Along with the reprogrammable capabilities, TARS is closer to interacting as human would versus other robots who struggle with the concept of human interaction. TARS is better at utilizing human emotions (main example being humor), which would improve the chemistry between the entire group. As an actual tool, TARS is able to form itself into any block structure that is necessary for the situation. It might not look pretty, however, it is effective. The main reason why TARS needs to be in this group is because it is a robot. In a world with limited resources, a huge advantage of a robot is that it does not need food or water in order to operate. Which means, more food for three people over less portions for four.

John Connor

As much as I would love to lead this rag tag team of survivors in this world, I simply am not suitable to perform that task. This means that there needs to be an obvious leader of the group. An incredibly qualified candidate for that position is the leader of the human resistance against the machines: John Connor. Although his apocalypse is different from a desert wasteland, he survived a nuclear attack which turned the Earth into something worse than a desert. Being able to fend off the highly intelligent machines with his own rag tag team, it is plausible that he would be able to help two other people and a robot live in the miserable world. While it might be odd for him not to hunt down a solution to this apocalypse, I am certain he would be fine. His strategic mind would place us above the hooligans rampaging the land and murdering the other bits of humanity left in the world. When people attack us, our group will be prepared because Connor will know how to deal with it. Plus, if we find a time machine, he will know how to send someone back in time to try to stop the apocalypse from happening, right?

Ash Williams

Since there already is a leader in the group, it probably would not be a great idea to add another alpha into this. While another alpha might add to the experience or strength of the group, the arguing between the two would be awful and unpleasant. I understand it’s a post apocalypse world, but we do not have to be completely miserable and hear two men argue about what is best. So the final member of the group should be a tough person, who can take orders without arguing every single time. This is why my final selection is Ash Williams. Yes, the Ash Williams from the Evil Dead franchise. The man survived the insanity that happened in all of those movies, including traveling back to the Middle Ages. Although he was a leader in his movies, his inexperience in the art of the apocalypse would essentially force him to listen to John Connor. His experiences from this plotlines prove his capabilities in dealing with tough situations though (I mean how many other people could have been sent back to the Middle Ages and lived longer than a day). Armed with his chainsaw hand and boomstick, Ash would fit perfectly into this group of unconventional beings. Plus, he would be a good companion in an apocalypse with providing comedy in a grim world. Simply imagine a man spitting out one liners as the group is fighting out the enemy. Who says the apocalypse cannot have some remnants of joy?

This group would not only be able survive the apocalypse, however we would be able to have some fun in doing it. What is the point in living if there is no happiness, laughter, or sarcasm? Yes, actually surviving is a key aspect of this contest. Having two fighters and survivors paired with a versatile robot in this world, I am confident that the challenge of living would be attainable. This group could survive any apocalypse too, with members having experience ranging from robots to zombie-like things. A desert wasteland would not be a problem from this group.


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