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Okay, so I have to post on Hearthstone. Great game, but is it worth the frustration? I love the premise, much like Magic with WOW flavors. The expansions have been enjoyable, and the additions of new cards are always welcome. What I don't enjoy are the cookie cutter decks I tend to face, that players have posted because they have reached Legendary status. Let me state that I have never spent a dime of actual money on this game, so I have had to earn every card that I have. They have come by making them myself, or luck of the draw when opening a pack. To be fair, I haven't reached Legendary status as of yet for a number of reasons. I work a full time job, have a family, its summer and I have a firepit and access to adult beverages. I tend to get to play an average of 6-8 games a day, if I'm lucky. I LOVE to play this game, but get frustrated with the countless players that simply copy a deck designed by someone else. Sour grapes? Perhaps. I refuse to copy the formula and prefer to make my own decks, with a nod towards some of the extremely successful decks out there. Am I the only one? I also refuse to pay actual money for the "new" characters for nothing more than aesthetic changes. The one advance that I am glad that they have added is access via phone, which has increased my play time. I have mixed reviews of the Tavern Brawl option. I enjoy the added card packs with a win in the brawl. I enjoy the quirks, as far as the bananas, the spiders, the random summons. The first brawl was horrible, terribly one sided in my opinion. As of this post, the best I have managed is a ranking of 12, but I WILL crack the top 10, and eventually achieve a Legend. Thanks for reading. Any thoughts??


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