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It's Comic-Con!!!!! If I wasn't stuck watching my niece and nephew this weekend, I'd binge watch the following:

PS. All shows have panels at Comic-Con 2015


Archer (Netflix seasons 1-5 Hulu/Amazon/Google Play)

It's just an awesome ADULT cartoon. I cannot stress that enough. Its for adults please don't let your kids watch this.


Grimm ( Play)

I highly recommend Grimm not only is it a great show with great actors and writing, It's supporting hundreds of local filmmakers and actors in Portland, Oregon by keeping production local. Gold Star!!!!!

Z-Nation (Netflix/Amazon/Google Play)

Someone called this the anti Walking Dead. I have to disagree, it's just a different kind of zombie with a touch of humor. I really enjoy this show and The Walking Dead. I recommend Z-Nation for those who need a break from WD because lets face it, it can get to you.

Comic-Con Rewind

Buffy The Vampire Slayer (Netflix seasons 1-7/ Hulu/Amazon/Google Play/)

If you haven't seen it or for whatever reason feel it's not the show for you, watch the above video. Passion of the Nerd explains why it is the show for you.


The Hunger Games (Amazon Instant Movies 1-3)

This series is coming to an end later this year. Why not catch up or watch for the first time. I personally haven't seen any of them yet, but Daniel say's it's really good.

Comic-Con Rewind

Django Unchained ( Netflix and Amazon)

Everyone has their issues with Tarantino and that's fine I have some myself. That said, the man can tell a story and he gets remarkable performances out of his actors. The man is an honest to god filmmaker.

Have a good weekend everybody!!!


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