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Baldwin Collins

Well many fans like myself, are eagerly awaiting non-other than Wesley Snipes reprise the armor-clad vampire Hunter, Eric brooks A K A Blade. According to media reports recently, snipes is in talks with marvel studios for a maybe possible return. in film history, the original Executive producers from the first installment film. 'Blade' (1998) Believed that only three actors could play the marvel character convincingly, Denzel washington Laurence Fishbourne and Wesley Snipes.

The writer/director David s. Goyer who directed Blade (trinity) 2004 believed that Wesley Snipes was the right choice. he served as screenplay writer on the other two earlier films. However the first installment film (1998) remains my favourite. With veteran Hollywood star, Kris Kristofferson As Abraham whistler, Blade's mentor, Weapon smith and Surrogate Father.

would you like to see Wesley Snipes, return as marvels vampire slayer Blade in a reboot film ?


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