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Recently, I've been doing posts about heroes that deserve their shot on screen; mainly on Netflix. But here I have decided to simply talk about one hero who I believe Marvel needs to work on bringing into their MCU, be it tv or film.....and it is none other than the Sub-Mariner himself:

He's a badass!!!
He's a badass!!!


So let's get the obvious out of the way.....Film Rights.

According to numerous posters here, along with double checking into it myself... Marvel does have the rights to Namor back in house. However there is still some muddy water that apparently has to be navigated through to make a solo film for him work. As far as I can tell, the character himself is available to use at any point. So it seems like the issue here is basically the same issue they have with the Hulk, which partially explains why we haven't seen or even heard full talk of another solo Hulk film happening at this point.

My thoughts in this post, however, are mainly just wanting to see Namor come into the MCU. If he first shows up simply as an appearance great. However, I would LOVE to have him in his own film, or potentially even better, his own SHOW!!!

First and foremost, Namor deserves to be a part of the MCU simply thanks to the fact that he is one of the OLDEST characters Marvel has. He has been around since 1939, two years prior to Aquaman!!!! That's a LONG time for this guy to be around without, in my opinion, really getting to make any impact on screen.

But wait, you say....doesn't DC already have Marvel beat by having Aquaman coming soon??? While it is true that DC does have their Atlantean Prince making his big screen debut, in some capacity, in the upcoming Bats Vs Supes, I still hold the opinion that not only is Namor a superior character, but he has even better stories to tell.

As far as origins go, both characters are the half-bred offspring of an Atlantean mother and human father. The first difference quickly comes in that, while Aquaman began his life on land, Namor was raised in Atlantis. His father was killed in an attack by Atlantean forces thinking their Princess had been kidnapped. However, being half human, made him appear different as true Atlanteans are blue-skinned, while Namor maintained the skin color of his father.

Already had that royal scowl going as a baby.
Already had that royal scowl going as a baby.

He is generally considered as the first of Marvel's mutants due to his split heritage. Though this could easily be adjusted since it would be obvious the Atlanteans would have altered abilities as a separate race. Or you could even allow for an Inhuman aspect in their own history.

Growing up he held a deep hatred for the surface world; but this did not stop him from getting involved on several occasions. Most notably, as part of Captain America's Invaders during WW2.


His constant involvement in surface activities have led to numerous attempts on his throne by others; notably Attuma, Byrrah, Krang, the At'la'tique through the Fathom Five, and a few others.

Other notable enemies include Captain Barracuda, Deep Six (a group of Atlantean based villains including Tiger Shark, Orka, Piranha, Sea Urchin, Nagala, and led by Attuma himself), Dr. Dorcas (a human doctor who creates hybrid creatures, Tiger Shark among them). There is also the underwater race, the Lemurians, who attempt attacks on Atlantis as well. There are numerous other foes in the mix of all these conflicts; along with other team-ups and betrayals by several of his enemies.


Well for starters:

Superstrength - enough to nearly rival Thor and almost Hulk

Speed - both underwater and on land

Echolocation/Radar Sense

Flight - is actually the first superhero to do this

Electricity Absorption - can absorb, store, and then unleash amounts of electric energy on his foes

Control Over Sea Creatures

Along with having Longevity of Life, Intellect (he is a member of the Illuminati), he is practically unstoppable underwater; and nearly as such on land. He is basically a super-soldier with several extra powers on top of it.

The guy is a stud. He has a rich history in an area that has yet to be explored by movie-goers. There are some who feel that he is boring. His world would be too Victorian or Shakespearean. Some even try to lump him into the "Aquaman is a joke" style category. But I disagree. I feel his story is one that people would LOVE. You look at the popularity of stories like Game of Thrones, or even the large popularity of a show like Downtown Abbey. Now imagine that underwater. I think it has not only the potential to draw people in, but could be HUGE. People love the intrigue of Game of Thrones, the fighting, the betrayals, the magic. Namor could bring a sense of all of that. Hopefully without the need to continually kill off favored characters, haha.

We already know that Atlantis exists in the Marvel Cinematic Universe thanks to Iron Man 2......

Keepin an eye out for Stark, eh?
Keepin an eye out for Stark, eh?

Remember that scene? Among many other Easter Eggs Marvel has dropped in their films, this one has been one of the biggest. Those maps and screens around Stark and Fury were filled with little bits here and there. Most notably that map pointing out various spots around the world. And there just happen to be one random one stuck out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Now who or where could they be referencing there?

Much better than a speedo.
Much better than a speedo.

One other knock some people throw at him....the speedo. Yes yes, ok. The guy started out in nothing more than a green speedo. But even Marvel chose to change that over the years. If you look at several of the characters in the MCU now, how many of them are even in the look they first had? I struggle to even come up with one. So why should we even have to think about Namor in this light? Let's move on...

I started writing this really trying to bring you all a great defense for why I think our favorite Sea Prince deserved a movie...but the more I really think about it, the more I feel like a series would truly suit him better. Be it a full Netflix style deal, or even fit it to a seasonal mini-series style like Sherlock has. Obviously you can do some of his stories in movie form, and that would be fine. But I just think the depth, pun intended, of his world would make for a great series.

So....casting. There have been many thoughts floated out there on the interwebs of who people would pick to portray the Sub Mariner. I will bring but a few, with my thoughts on them.

Firstly, in my opinion, Jason Momoa would have been the absolutely IDEAL choice for Namor. He has the size, presence, menacing features, EVERYTHING wanted in the role. I think DC has chosen to amp up their Cinematic Aquaman to make him more imposing, ala Namor. We shall see how it goes.

Moving on:

I see it!!
I see it!!

If Marvel were to choose the film route for Namor, I see noone better in my opinion than Luke Evans for the role. Known for his roles in Fast Furious 6, The Three Musketeers, Dracula, and the 2nd & 3rd Hobbit films, Evans star has been steadily on the rise. There were many, myself included, who thought Marvel should have chosen him for the Doctor Strange role. Though with Benedict Cumberbatch getting that, I believe Evans would be a great fit. He carries many of the qualities that fit with Namor's character, as evidenced especially in Dracula and Battle of the Five Armies. The big hit here would obviously be he would fit more of a film route for the character, and he is pretty busy in the next several years with projects

Werewolf to Sea Prince
Werewolf to Sea Prince

As for a great choice in a more unknown category here, I think Tyler Hoechlin could be an outstanding pick. Most well-known for his role on Teen Wolf as Derek Hale, also starred alongside Tom Hanks in Road to Perdition, Hoechlin is poised for a breakout moment. What better way to jump higher than with a role as Marvel's Atlantean Prince, the Sub Mariner. He is young, fit, and has the scowl down pat. His character on Teen Wolf served as a nice stepping stone for the role of Namor. Seeking vengeance for those who hurt his family, but ultimately simply wanting to protect his pact; sounds pretty good to me.There were many who wanted him to play a younger Bruce Wayne/Batman before DC chose to go with the older Batfleck route. He could be a great under the radar choice.

Another Dracula...huh
Another Dracula...huh

Another interesting choice could be none other than Jonathan Rhys-Meyers. Most known for roles in NBC's Dracula series, The Tudors, August Rush, and Mortal Intruments. He has good experience playing arrogant, suave, royals with a darkness, yet having some redemptive edge. He is the smallest actor on my list, standing only 5'10". But his look, acting chops, and prowess make him stand out in my mind as a dark horse for a role like this one.

Well, at least he looks good by the water.
Well, at least he looks good by the water.

Steven Strait is the one actor on my list that apparently noone else on the internet has thought of for this role. I like being original when I can. You know him from 10,000 BC, The Covenant, and most recently Starz' Magic City. He has the look in my opinion. He has action experience aplenty. I think he is just looking for the right role to really break out through. He would fit perfectly into a role like Namor, and he fits Marvel's usual pattern of what they look for. Deserving plenty of consideration to me.

What is with tatted Atlanteans these day??
What is with tatted Atlanteans these day??

This one is more of a nod to other fan casts I've found online. Apparently, there are numerous fans out there that think Jason Behr fits their mold of our beloved Atlantean ruler. Mainly known for roles in Roswell, D-War, and Skinwalkers, Behr has not really had a great breakout moment in a while. He is, surprisingly, the oldest actor on my list here. But I can see the look some people like in him. Not my top choice however.

Now, other names people have thrown out there I've seen are Zachary Quinto, Ian Somerholder, Sam Witwer, Ian Anthony Dale, and Jason Isaacs to name a few. Some I liked, some I didn't. Mainly I didn't want my list getting out of hand.

So. There you have it. Why I think Marvel should bring us Namor, the Sub Mariner. What do YOU think? Does Marvel need to match DC's Aquaman? Don't we all think Marvel has the better sea-faring Prince anyways?

Hit me back and let me know what you guys think. Feel free to check out my other articles if you have a chance. I love hearing feedback from my brothers and sisters in the fandoms.


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