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When Z Nation first came out it had a mix reception. Some unfairly compared it to the Walking Dead. There was the issue of it being on Syfy. Syfy are prone to a quick cancellation of late. However, watching Z Nation I found myself actually watching it. What I mean is, that I was also thinking about the reservations of this show. But it was an entertaining show.

What is Z Nation?

Z Nation is a post apocalyptic zombie world. Yes, it has the same premise as The Walking Dead but that is where the similarities end. In this show we have at the start a doctor injecting humans with infected Zombie blood. Yes, he is mad. Please note this show is very dark at times. So, when the doctor injects the humans. One human survives the infection. He is actually in a room full of zombies and attack him but he is immune. The man is known as Patient Zero. So, Patient Zero is the nucleus of the story. It is deemed that he can save humanity. In short, he comes across other survivors who agree to help him get to the last known medical facility in California. A long way.

Patient Zero. A character who supposedly can save the human race.

So they begin their journey to the medical facility. Of course they run into human nutjobs and quite vicious zombies. Now as I said, this is different from the Walking Dead. The Walking Dead zombies are slow, passive and easy to kill. Z Nation zombies are absolute killing machines. These zombies run, they run in hoards, jump and have the facial expressions that means "I will not stop until your dead". Yes, these zombies are more frightening than the WD ones.

Z Nation zombie.....
Zombies that are just relentless..

So with the help of the humans and a man named Citizen Z (who is in the medical building) find out that Patient Zero can do a number of strange things. He can walk among zombies and none will attack him. The group start noticing Zeros changes. However, they perservere.

The human group travelling to the medical facility.

However, Zero is seen shedding his skin. Shedding his hair and pulling his teeth. His eyes are nearly resembling that of a zombie. But still not fully, but it looks like he is turning into a human-zombie hybrid. When Zero is with zombies they fear him. He can actually communicate with them. Even more alarming is that Zero can bite a human and can control them.

Yes even more sinister in this world is that not only do humans get infected. But animals to. This is an unsympathetic world. So human survivors have more danger all around them then just human zombies.

You are not seeing things...that is a Bear zombie..
A zombie dog...

Oh and age is of no concern for the virus..

Zombie baby. A very very vicious zombie baby.

They all arrive at the facility. Meeting Citizen Z. Patient Zero goes through decontamination process. But Zero does not go through the whole process. This leaves the military to launch missiles to the site. Leaving Citizen Z and Zero leaving the site. But with the group of humans still inside....trapped.


I liked Z Nation. Yes, it does not have the big budget but with continous success that will come. I like the fact that it's a harsh world out there. There is danger at every turn. Some zombie shows show the zombies being weak. Z Nation zombies are anything but. They are just maniacal. Having Patient Zero with his abilities gives a whole new direction. Also what is Citizen Z angle? Why can Zero do the things he can? I like that it keeps us guessing. At the same time zombies are still wiping out the human race. But what I like about Z that it is about the Zombies. Walking Dead is sometimes to busy with the human element. Z Nation does not. It has zombies...lots of them. It has action and dark comedy to boot.

Z Nation - 7.5 / 10


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