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Personally "Under the Red Hood" was not my first choice for a film, but you and a few other people won me over. I would want to change the story a bit though. For instance I wouldn't show the Joker in the film at all during the present day. In the scene where Batman goes to talk to Joker about the Red Hood I would have him chained up like Hannibal Lecter, mouth covered and everything. The reason being that if the Joker is in present day the story becomes more about the Bat and the Clown instead of a father and his son, so barely seeing him creates tension and build up for the next film (that's right I got a sequel planned!). If I was creating the plot I would have most of the first act of the animated film be the same, but in the Live action version I would never have Joker escape Arkham. I would change it so that Red Hood is trying to break into Arkham to kill the Joker, and Batman has to stop him. This way Black Mask doesn't have to be involved and the plot simplifies a bit (also we get to see some of the Suicide Squad cast return as Arkham Cell cameos). The ending would be the same as the original story, but with the change of Joker never leaving his cell, instead of going back. The next film is when the Joker is the main bad guy and the plot will be based on the "Hunt the Dark Knight" book of TDKR. Obviously since Jason is actually alive it needs to change a bit; however, now we will have seen glimpses of the Batman Joker relationship in both Suicide Squad and the Red Hood film. They have been seen together, just enough for build up, and now because of the Red Hood film that came before it we will know that: A) Batman hates the Joker more in this incarnation than any other. B) Batman has dreamed about killing the Joker. This film will have the last straw be broken, and Batman will, like in the comic, break the Joker's neck (though we see that didn't kill him). It might be a hard sell for the studio, but since Leto most likely signed a 3-4 picture deal it would fulfill his contract, and force other villains to be used, if they made another. Also I just want to see a moment like this-


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