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The new batman movie is expected to be released around 2018 and is to be directed by batman himself, Ben Affleck. What villains are we most likely to see in the new solo film for the caped crusader. Here are some possibilities.

The Riddler

We haven't seen the riddler in a live action film since Jim Carrey portrayed him in Batman Forever, and he's a great, tricky villain for Batman to take on after facing more physical villains in Batman v Superman and the Justice League movies.

The Joker

After seeing Jared Leto's version of the joker in Suicide Squad we will know that he has had his run-ins with the dark knight in the past. This joker will know his way around the batman and may be the first joker in film to prove a physical threat to batman.


We will get to see killer-croc in Suicide Squad before we would see him in The Batman solo film. Killer-croc isn't particularly known to challenge batman intellectually, but he is a great powerful villain to fight batman, and would work great in a movie If he worked with another villain.

Mr. Freeze

I loved this villain in the animated series, and I think he would be perfect to face an aged brooding Bruce Wayne like the one we are going to get in the DCCU. One thing I love about Mr. Freeze is his motive. He wants revenge on everyone for the death of his wife Nora, and is just pissed at the world for no reason. Batman must stop him from freezing the world.


This is an interesting character not everyone knows about. I won't go into to much detail, but basically in Earth 2, Bruce Wayne has an older brother named Thomas Wayne Jr who is a darker better reflection of batman. The great thing about Geoff Johns coming on to help write the solo film, is he used this character in some of the comics he wrote like Forever Evil. This villain most likely won't be in the DCCU anytime soon, and probably won't be in the first batman solo film, but adding Geoff Johns to help write scripts for DCCU movies sure doesn't hurt the chances.

Red Hood

This guy is such a bad ass. If the batman solo film used Red Hood in the film, I would like to see him portrayed as more of a villain rather than anti hero. I want to see a Jason Todd that is bent on revenge and is pissed at Bruce Wayne for not saving him from the wrath of the joker.


Tommy Elliot was a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne. He's also a sociopath that tried to kill his own parents to inherit their fortune. His plan failed, because of Bruce's father's surgical skills. Tommy blamed Bruce and grew up to become the villain Hush, who covers his face in bandages and targets both batman and Bruce Wayne. So yeah, this guy's really weird but hey, so are all the rest of Batman's villains. I think the coolest dynamic of this villain is how him and Bruce were childhood friends, and it would be fun to see play out in a movie.


Dr. Kirk Langstrom was a scientist specializing in the study of bats. He was also going deaf, so he created a serum that intended to give humans a sonar sense like bats have, so he wouldn't go deaf. Obviously this didn't end well as he used the serum then transformed into a freakish bat creature man thing that lacks intelligence and just destroys things until batman can create a serum that can reverse the effects of the first serum.

Well that's all! What do you think? Did I do ok for my first article? What villains do you want to see in future batman films?


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