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Rafi Scott Ortiz

I love superheroe movies. I love comic books. I come from a Spanish country (Dominican Republic), where I dont had much access to comics, but since a young age, loved superheroes. I have even created my own supeheroes. Anyhow, let's get to my opinion.

1) Superman. Christopher Reeves as Superman was awesome. He captured the spirit of Superman so perfectly. Superman is one of the greatest superheroe movies ever, no doubt about that.

2) Batman. Michael Keaton as Batman did great. He captured the personality of Batman so good. The seriousness, the coolness, and the badassery is unstoppable.

3) Spider Man 2. Tobey as Spidey is awesome. The only problem with Tobey is the sense of humor. I think one of the best superheroe movie is Spider man 2. Doc Oc was impressive. Doc Oc is insane! The tentacles turn him crazy and become his demons which he overcomes at the end of the movie.

4) The Dark Knight. Heath Ledger is the centerpiece of this movie. The central point of this movie is: good guys can turn evil. Nolan keeps this deep theme through the entire movie. The coherence of this theme in the entire movie is impressive. For me, this is not only one of the greatest superheroe movies ever, but the greatest movie I have ever seen. Heath's performance is astonishing. His dark humor is flawless.

5) Avengers. I did not liked Avengers that much, but it is a great pop corn movie. The action is impressive. I think the theme of the movie is team work (even if we have to strangle each other). Hulk stole the show, best Hulk ever. Many people love the Avengers movie, I saw it like 3 times in the theater.

6) Cap 2: The Winter Soldier: I think, and that is my opinion, that this is Marvel's greatest movie. The action is astonishing. Cap is an absolute badass in this movie. The Russo Brothers really captured the essence of Captain America.

7) Guardians of the Galaxy: Groot is adorable! Rocket is badass! Gamora is sexy and cool. Star Lord is funny and self-sacrificial. Draxx is strong and brutal. how cool can this be!

8) Iron Man: Downey as Iron Man is great. In this first installment you feel like you are Iron Man and that is what makes this movie so great.

9) X Men United: Nightcrawler! that is all I got to say!

10) Spider Man: dont forget that this is the movie in the 2000's that started the superheroe hype in the cinema world. I hate the Green Goblin mask! But when this Spider Man movie came out, almost every child in American and around the world wanted to be Spider man or to be byte by a radioactive spider.

This is just my opinion. Any other movie you can think of?


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