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You may know the movies from the header: Little Nemo (1989), Heavy Metal (1981), and The Last Unicorn (1982). These movies are great and I watched them growing up... yep even Heavy Dad may not have been a good role model, but these movies are a little to mainstream for the list I want to talk about. These are movies from the late 70s and early 80s that most people never seen or just forgot about. Some of these I found just doing some digging after getting hooked on a movie called Rock and Rule, which my dad gave me when I visited him one time.

Caution: These Movies contain really Mature moments and language, so if you are offended easily don't watch the trailers posted!

1. Rock and Rule (1983)

Since I brought up this movie already, I guess we'll knock this one out of the way first! This movie is probably the reason why I got into watching old school animated films! I was playing in a Hair Metal tribute band at the time and it just was an awesome experience! There is music in here from Cheap Trick, Blondie, and even Iggy Pop! The movie follows a young rocker and his group of wannabe rock stars trying to save one of their fellow band members from being a Demon sacrifice by an Evil Rock Star King. It is a crazy story and of course with the music arrangement there are many "trippy" moments to be seen!.

2. Starchaser: The Legend of Orin (1985)

This movie reminds me so much of other sci-fi shows and movies that I have seen. There is a heavy resemblance with Star Wars, Star Trek, and even a little bit of Firefly. The story is about a mining colony that digs for an evil ruler named Zygon. Upon digging the main character finds a magical sword and has to escape Zygon's grip. This sword wields special powers and with it, along with a few buddies that the main character meets on his adventure, they have to go back to Zygon and vanquish Zygon to free the planet. This is a really fun movie to watch one night with some friends! The more you have with you, the better this whole list gets!

3. Fire and Ice (1983)

Now this movie totally screams my name! Fire and Ice is just an awesome action film that you could easily see showing up in a Dungeon & Dragon story. The plot of this bad boy is that an Ice Glacier runs into a tiny village, where the main character lives, and kills everyone except Larn. Of course Larn then promises revenge and follows the Ice Glacier which is carrying an Evil Ice Lord. The Ice Lord is heading his way towards Fire Keep. Ice Lord's minions kidnap the Fire Keep Lord's daughter and it is up to Larn to save her. This is one serious movie, and if the trailer doesn't excite you to watch it, then you sir/ma'am are crazy!!

4. Hey Good Lookin (1982)

This movie takes place in Brooklyn, New York, during the 1950s and is about Vinnie, the leader of a gang named "the Stompers," his friend, Crazy Shapiro, and their girls, Roz and Eva. This movie is really raunchy when you see how they draw the women, so you might feel uncomfortable watching it with parents. Just trying to warn you! This movie is actually not completely animated, in 1975 it was released as a live/animated combination, but later it was released again in 82 where a lot more live action scenes were changed to animated.

5. Time Masters (1982)

Time Masters is a crazy interesting adventure that will explore your imagination. This is a French animated movie about a small boy that was marooned on a planet after his parents were murdered by giant hornets. He then went into hiding and trained for years to become The Green Hornet! Just kidding, he actually gets picked up by by one of his Dad's Travelling friend, Jaffar. With his help and the help of Jaffar's Crew, the boy tries to reach the planet Perdide. What could go wrong trying to get yourself to a distant planet? Find out by watching the movie!

6. American Pop (1981)

This movie is really unique, American Pop follows four generation of a Musical Russian Jewish immigrant family. Each generation of family members have careers in the popular music of America at that time, and shows a lot of history during that time period. If you are in a band or really like music, you have to give this one a shot!

7. Wizards (1977)

This movie was a random buy for me, I saw it on the shelf at a Half-Price-Books store and I just had to see it! This movie is just chalk full of symbolism! This is movie is also the reason why I wanted to make this list! I was at Comic Con and had red robot this on a shirt and someone that was a lot older than me asked what that was from. Before the seller could say anything, I couldn't help myself blurt out, "WIZARDS!" The seller seemed surprised that I knew what the movie was, especially being 25.

This moving deals a lot with Robots vs. Magic. The movie takes place in a Post Apocalyptic World mixed between Fantasy and World War II. The Evil and Good side leaders are brothers. The Evil brother wants to take over and run the world and to help him do that, he plays Nazi Propaganda during attacks which helps him win. This show is a "cult" classic and not a lot of people know about it. So I hope this helps spread some good old fashion fun!

8. Heavy Traffic (1973)

This movie follows a young adult dropout struggling to create comics and animated films. The main character likes to draw inspiration from the run down society that he lives in. The main character gets a chance to pitch an idea to a movie publisher, but the story proves too crazy! He pitched the idea of a far-future Earth that was destroyed by war and pollution, and where a mutant antihero kills God. The biggest problems come into play when his parents disapprove of his crazy involvements. I love art and I also like to draw, so when I heard the plot of this movie, it was just another movie I had see it!

9. Fritz the Cat

The only reason why I know about this movie is because this was the movie the Heavy Traffic guys did. This is a super raunchy movie, even though the character is a cat. I thought this would be a kid show or like a cartoon show, but I was soooo wrong. The first trailer I was going to show was not even close to being clean , so I had to choose this one, Squeaky clean! This was the first animated movie to get an X rating in the United States. This story is based around the 60's and has Fritz quitting college, and then trying to find himself through his encounters with the Hash, Black Panthers, and Hell's Angels. This is one of the raunchiest cartoons I've seen, but it was noted as the most successful independent animated feature to date.

This is some of the coolest and weirdest sets of movies I've seen and they are all pretty varied in story and animation style. They may not be for everyone, but these movies did something for me and I just had to tell all you about it!

Sorry If I offended you!!


Have you seen any of these movies?


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