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Right im going to be completely honest and admit I'm a HUGE BELIEBER who loves and support Justin Bieber with all my heart, don't judge me only God can. So much is said about Justin Drew Bieber, and that he is nothing but an out of control kid with no respect at all for anyone. Well my good friends I completely disagree with you see Justin Drew Bieber (born on 1st March 1994) is a good guy who is human like us with feelings and is learning from his mistakes (we all make mistakes).

Beginning )

Born in Stratford, Ontario, Canada on March 1st 1994 to Jeremy Jack Bieber and Patricia Mallette. His talents include singing, guitar, drums, rubik cube etc his list goes on.

Pattie and Jeremy

His music career started when he posted videos of himself singing on YouTube and was later discovered by his "now" manager Scott "Scooter" Braun who flew Justin and his mother Pattie to Atlanta Georgia to meet his friend and mentor Usher.

Scooter Braun

Albums ) My World

Under The Mistletoe


Believe Acoustic



Baby is his most viewed music video on YouTube and help launch him to stardom, it feature's Ludacris on the rapping and a fellow singer Jasmine Villegas in the music video.

The real Justin Bieber )

The real Justin Bieber puts others before himself and isn't what the media wants us to see him as, he donates fast amount of money to charities and often visits sick children in hospitals (he give hope where none is found) he allow himself to be married to a sick fan called Mrs Bieber ( Avalanna Routh)

Avalanna Routh

Guest starring )

Justin Bieber had guest star on The Simpsons as himself in the titled episode "The Fabulous Faker Boy"

Guys this is the real Justin Bieber a kind young man who put others before himself and carers deeply for those who show him the respect and love he deserves. So next time you decide to hve a dig at him just remember this he was there where no one else would be, put smiles on millions of people and taught that "Everything starts from something but something would be nothing. Nothing if your heart didn't dream it, believe it"

So now you know the real Justin Bieber and it's up to you to decide if you believe in all the hype that Justin creates or do you believe in the kid who write songs, believe in his dreams and started from nothing to give hope ? Thanks for reading.


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