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Fear the Walking Dead is the companion series to The Walking Dead, meaning we get to see the zombie outbreak as begins to spread before our very eyes! Check out the newly released trailer below, but beware! It's sure to get you preparing for the zombie apocalypse.

Holy guts and blood, this looks awesome! The Los Angeles citizens, which include Madison and Travis, can't believe what is happening to their beloved city right before their very eyes.

This show tells us the story of what is happening when Rick was in his coma, and how the inhabitants had to learn how to adjust their lives when the zombie apocalypse is thrust down onto them.

According to Yahoo TV,

"Timeline-wise, by the end of Fear the Walking Dead's first season, we still won't be to the end of Rick's coma."

This spin-off is a horror dispersed within some family drama. Seems like something I could totally watch!

This new spinoff with also star Frank Dillane, Alycia Debnam Carey, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Ruben Blades and Mercedes Mason, and is set to debut on August 23rd this year on AMC.

[Source: Huffington Post]


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