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I seem to have a bad rap today with a lot of critics. First Chappie, now this.

Brad Bird (Ratatouille, The Incredibles, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol) helms this tale about a world full of scientific imagination only seen with a specific pin that transports to the world known as Tomorrowland. Only very few people know about, and those who do are typically described as crazy. This is the story of how one girl named Casey (Britt Robertson) and a former visitor Frank (George Clooney) bring the place back to life before a seismic apocalypse brings the end of humanity.

The story does seem familiar and been-there-done-that to veteran Bird fans, given that the writer of the film also did Star Trek: Into Darkness, World War Z, and Prometheus. Yep, it's the audience-hated Damon Lindelof, and, once again, the story comes off as disappointingly preachy in the final act and unfortunately uneven in its structure. That's two movies I've reviewed with uneven storytelling now...Hmph... I will say this, though. For as preachy as the final act seems, the rest of the story actually comes off with a great amount of intrigue and mystery, even for Lindelof standards, this is a really good start.

Now, for the positives, and there's a load of it.

The acting is superb. Clooney, as usual, gives a hardened and skilled performance in the long run, even throwing in the film's huge amount of PG-13 curse words (even if this is rated PG.). Robertson also gives a decent break-out here. She's respectfully energized, but just as confused as normal people would act within this scenario. Put frankly, the acting from a majority of the cast is great.

The special effects are marvelous, topped off with the icing on the cake that is Michael Giacchino's score. It's catchy and upbeat, but also ambitious and thoughtful at given moments.

Tomorrowland is another success in Brad Bird's library, even if it doesn't live up to its humongous hype at times.


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