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The Walking Dead held their panel at San Diego Comic-Con yesterday which means the premiere of their new trailer! Season 6 kicks off where last season ends in Alexandria, Rick had just shot Pete as Morgan walks up to the crowd. There seems to be continued uneasiness among Rick’s crew and the Alexandrians while Morgan’s arrival seems to make things even more difficult.

After watching the roughly 4 minute trailer, I had some questions.

1. Whose side is Deanna on?

There seemed to be an understanding at the end of last season’s finale when Pete killed Reg resulting in Deanna giving Rick permission to take out Pete. The people in Alexandria still seem to be wary of the new group so is Deanna trying to convince them otherwise or just trying to keep peace so no more violence breaks out?

2. Who is actor Ethan Embry playing?

He obviously doesn’t agree with how Rick is running things which will just be adding to the tension among the community. Either way the Alexandrians need to learn how to protect themselves for what’s to come. We see Abraham with those body bags but I’m guessing that’s just the unprepared Alexandrians dropping like flies.

3. Will this be a season of Rick vs. Morgan?

The majority of the trailer seemed to pin Rick’s ideologies of survival to Morgan’s but is this just an editing trick? In the past scenes in the trailers were misleading so maybe rick isn’t speaking to Morgan in the scene pointing the gun and saying “do you have any idea who you’re talking to?”

4. Who is pointing the gun at Daryl?

I’m assuming it’s a member the Wolves since they will be playing a big part this season. Executive Producer Scott Gimple said in the panel the Wolves will be involved in a way people wouldn’t expect. And where is Aaron, wasn’t he with Daryl but either way DARYL BETTER BE OKAY!

5. Is Negan on his way?

There hasn’t been official confirmation but you would assume by the end of the season some more comic related storylines/characters will be incorporated or hinted at.

6. Will we get an epic showdown this season?

Possible options include a battle within Alexandria based on power struggle, a fight against the dead (seemed to be a lot of herds), or a battle against the Wolves….or maybe we will see all 3 occur!

Season 6 will premiere October 11th, 9pm on AMC with a 90 minute episode so be patient, get prepared, etc. And for the first time the episode will be premiered at Madison Square Garden, more info can be found on the shows website.

Bonus! I was not lucky enough to attend SDCC (if you did, I hate you...jk just super jealous) but here are some of the highlights/fun facts from the panel that I gathered from the live blogs and official twitter accounts:

- 654 walker extras were in the season 6 premiere

- Andrew Lincoln’s wife doesn’t miss the beard but he does so maybe it will make a return

- Danai Gurira actually hit Andrew Lincoln in that scene in the end of that one episdoe and they used that take

- Andrew Lincoln's mom wants Rick and Michonne to get together

- Norman Reedus plays Candy Crush to get into character

- Lauren Cohan couldn’t be there but wrote a note for Steven Yeun to read

- Actress Merrit Wever joins the cast for season 6 and will be playing a character from the comic, but who I wonder…?

Fear the Walking Dead's First Trip to SDCC

Following the panel for TWD, AMC held a panel for the highly anticipated spinoff, Fear the Walking Dead including the cast and crew. For those living under a rock, the show takes place in LA during the initial outbreak and fall of civilization (timeline said to be while Rick on a coma). The companion series centers on a single mother of two and her fiancée who has a son of his own. Although the show will focus heavily on survival, there will also be a lot of family drama involving divorces, resentful family members, and drug problems. I’m excited to see the beginning stages of the outbreak and the trailer looks promising, take a look below:

Fear the Walking Dead premieres August 23rd, 9pm on AMC. Season 1 will include 6 episodes which leads into but there is already an order for season 2 in 2016. There are also reports that there will be an episode of Talking Dead for the finale. Can’t wait!


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