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As ever, San Diego Comic Con is unrelenting with its onslaught of amazing news for comic fans- this time a quick bit of news for fans of The Flash. During the DC Entertainment Page to Screen Panel, DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns- also a producer of The Flash and rumoured writer of the new Batman movie- was asked whether or not this helmet-

- meant anything for season two. reports that he told audience members this was indeed not just an Easter Egg, but a plot point, and we can definitely expect to see Jay Garrick in season two- perhaps this lends credence to the rumours that in going through the singularity at the end of season one, Barry would begin to traverse the multiverse more regularly. It may also hint that, with the introduction of a new Speedster, the likes of Bart Allen or Wally West already rumoured for Season 2 and hinted at by producer Andrew Kreisberg may not be far off at all.

This is surely just a tidbit of information compared to what we can expect at the actual panel for The Flash, which will be on what I like to call "DC SDCC day," where DC will host their movie and show panels and decimate us all with amazing fan service and news. Definitely more to come on all of this.

With Arrow finding its Damien Darhk yesterday, I wouldn't be surprised if we get some casting soon, either.


Are you excited to see Jay Garrick appear?


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