ByJohn Jr Delorenzo, writer at
John Jr Delorenzo

Marvel has cast their Aunt May and Spider-Man and it seems they are going with a bit of an Ultimate Spider-Man comics kinda feel. So I think the villain should be a newer villain that hasn't been seen which Marvel is planning on doing. So the villain should be...

Mysterio!!!!! But the Ultimate version. So he basically assassinates Wilson Fisk - The Kingpin of Crime. Which starts his rivalry with Black Cat because she wanted to kill Kingpin and a more important thing. It leads to a Spider-Man-Iron Man team up. Because Spider-Man has to get training from the Avengers. And he will revealed to be Quentin Beck and not an android. Also, the Kingpin assassination could be controversial but lead to a citywide gang war between gang leaders from comics like Hammerhead, Mr. Negative, Tombstone, Crime-Master and many others.


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