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Huge comic book fan raising my children the same way.
Michael Carline

It is the zombie apocalypse and I need to pick three characters to help me survive. I want to make sure I have three particular types of characters 1) someone to kick zombie butt 2) someone to plan our next move and possible find a cure 3) a survival expert who can help us find food etc...

So without further ado our Butt kicker is


Here is my reasoning for Blade, who else to better survive the attack of the undead than a living vampire. Well to answer a living vampire who is on my side and likes to slice and dice zombies, vampires, and any other creepy crawly coming my way. All of you Michone fans, Blade is Michone turned to 11. I can see the zombies coming for us and Wesley Snipes Blade carving them up while my team gets to safety all while not fearing being turned because he is already dead.

Dr. Stephen Strange

Besides being a genius and a surgeon he is also a more than capable leader. He is the sorcerer supreme which would come in handy when trying to run from an attack. He also has medical knowledge and can help fix any injuries that will occur. When it comes down to finding a cure the combination of his medical and mystical training opens up worlds of possibilities in finding a cure. Also if we can't find a cure he could always transport us to a different dimension where we can start over.


We need a survivalist in our group and Ka-Zar lives in a land called the Savage Land. He is a survivor and could be a provider for the group. While not having powers like Blade and Dr.Strage he has survival skills that both are lacking. We need a hunter and a fisherman to provide food. We also need someone to build fire and shelter and Ka-Zar fills that role.

So this is my survival team if I had to survive the Zombie apocalypse. Tell me what you think.


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