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Hello Walkers! I'm so excited about The Walking Dead Season 6 trailer. In this four minutes footage we see many things going on. We get to see a brand new Rick, as well as a very changed Morgan. The locations are amazing and the trailer is catchy from the first second until the end. There are zombies everywhere and I love that. Really, guys this is the best trailer of the serie and I cannot imagine how much did it cost. Another interesting fact, is that probably will be seen more of the comic plot in this new season. Now, stop jibber jabber and let's get to it. I'm trying my best to break down this trailer or at least most of it.

The new trailer starts with Rick running alone on an empty road and we hear his voice and Morgan's in the back. And what we are listening to it's their conversation on Season 3 "Clear".

The voices say:
"We both started out in the same place " "You can´t come back from this. I know that" " Good people. They always die".

After this we watch Morgan from season 5 astonished by a brutal Rick killing Pete after he murdered Reg. And then it starts for real.

In this season I'm thrilled about the zombies. I think we'll be having the feeling that they are surrounded and there's no a real way out. Maybe it will be more zombies in this herd than what we saw in Hershel's farm. To me the amount of zombies is similar to the one we saw back in season 1, when Rick got trapped in the tank and was saved by Gleen. I talk about this because I think that in this first half Rick will try to make Alexandria members to work to keep it safe, to learn how to fight and to make it home or at least is what i got from the trailer. There's Rick talking to people and we can spot everyone but Daryl. Where is him? I might have a clue. also is that in the back Carl? he looks tall.

Incredible things we are seeing so far. What I really want to mention is that last season when the trailer came out we saw the first 4 or 5 episodes in the footage, and I'm guessing this trailer's clips are from the first half of the season only and if I'm right is awesome. Also I need to say that last time we saw season 5 trailer, the producers added and extra scene to look like Rick was threatening Gared, but this never happene. I think the staff might be playing with our minds in some of the scenes, to make it look like we have more conflict between Rick, Morgan and the people from Alexandria.

I don't take chances anymore...
I don't take chances anymore...

I do believe Rick and Morgan will disagree about how to act. Apparently Morgan will try to make Rick conscious of giving second chances and be merciful with people and enemies. We know Rick is being changing through all the seasons and after all who will blame him. Morgan instead hasn't keep a close eye on Rick's behavior, he only knows the sad, innocent Rick from season 1 and the good, badass Rick from season 3 but loosing all Rick lost made him a different person. Anyway we don't know what they are facing yet, is just to soon to assume what is happening this season. The confrontation might be about the wolves or the zombie herd approaching or new problem. Still as I said this is only a guessing.

Then you should. Daryl in the back.
Then you should. Daryl in the back.

In this trailer Morgan is appears in many scenes and he is really different from what we saw back in season 3. Morgan is sane maybe even better than this new badass Rick. I think this two guy might be very helpful to Deanna. But seriosly I don't think Morgan is trying to kick Rick off Alexandria. This is what I was talking about when I said producers like to play with our minds and trick us. The backgrounds are different I think is more a mash-up and is not a scene, even with all the cuts in the clip.

Speaking Deanna, we watch her support Rick and the group, of course after the Reg's dead. We also see her appearing several times in the trailer, which means maybe Deanna is going to become main character this season.It seems like she trusts Rick and she'll put him by her side when it comes about leading Alexandria.

Notice in this shoot Deanna is mourning Reg and Gabriel is in the back. Why? to tell her she is sorry or to plot against Rick?

Now, Where is Daryl? At first we see Daryl when Morgan is back, the we see him sitting at the window and killing zombies and maybe standing off a little. In second 1:25 Rick and Daryl are talking. Rick ask: "feel different about it?" Daryl says: "Yes, I do". Then we see Daryl a few more times and gone.In the end Daryl is tied up with some guys. Who are them? I have no idea. They might be the wolves, still there's no reference about it. They also might be new characters or villans, maybe the saviors from the comic. who knows, but I think Daryl is going to break them all. I mean Daryl is pretty cool.

Epic this little dialogue between the guy with the gun (notice there's a couple of girls in back) He says: "here is the deal, you dont say shit and I don't kill you." Daryl answers: "who do you think I am?" and then he scapes or it looks like so.

Now my predictions about some deaths this season. In this trailer we see Rick and Carol concern about people dying, also many tombs and Abraham burying people after digging. They might be Alexandria members but we also get some very interesting images from the clip. So here are some of them and tell me please who do you think they are? I think maybe Rosita or Maggie are being eaten by the zombies, also a young guy from Alexandria you can see in the trailer, could that one be Erick?. Someone is smashing other persons brains in the ground and Carol get to see that. Who is that one? To me she look a little like Maggie but I have no idea, could be Carl's new friend or Carl himself. But we have to wait and see who's next?

Really it looks like Maggie? OMG!!!!

who is this one?
who is this one?

I hope you enjoyed this, Please let me know. And thank you. <3 Here is the trailer in case you want to watch it again.


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