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Attendees of this year Comic-Con in San Diego were excited to catch some fresh images of the most anticipated film of 2015 which is, unless you have been living in a bunker for the past year, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Bad news came when it was announced that no new trailer was going to see the light but, the good side, is that there was going to be a behind-the-cameras video.

Even if fans were little disappointed about it that did not diminished their expectation, if not to see actual footage of the film, to see the actors speaking about their experience of coming back to the much beloved universe of Star Wars or to see the newcomers express their feelings about being involved in such important project. Question is, was it important for Lucasfilm to go to Comic Con if they were only going to show a behind-the-cameras? Plain answser is... YES!!!

To see Mark Hamill speaking about The Force Awakens and how he felt about reprising the role that made him eternally famous was just the beginning. The behind-the-cameras, structurally, works, believe it or not, as another teaser. We get a glimpse on what to expect:

The old sets. Practical effects. You've been here, but you don't know this story. Nothing has changed really, I mean, everything has changed, but nothing has changed. That's the way he wanted to be really

Those simple words are enough to go back to 1977 and to 1999. Why? Because the first one marked the beginning of the soon-to-be saga and the second marked the point when new generations were taken back to a "far, far way galaxy". We do not need to talk about once more about the disillusion that the prequels caused in the fans, but the levels of excitement to watch another Star Wars film in the big screen is reason enough for anybody to have high hopes.

And there is one thing that defines this behind-the-cameras: nostalgia. The music, the images, the landscapes and then... the Imperial March theme. We probably will not be getting the first trailer of The Force Awakens any sooner, but for now, this video has given us chills.

Are you not yet excited to see The Force Awakens? Or should we hire a bounty hunter to convince you?


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