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San Diego Comic-con always brings in new news about our favorite shows that we still have to wait a few months to see, torturing fans even further, but at the same time giving them some excitement and anticipation for the season to come. I know there are quite a few things that I am ready for when it comes to one of the most popular CW shows around, The Originals

Nathaniel Buzolic will be back

It's true that he has a new show coming out, but he is signed on to appear, if only in flashbacks. And with Davina fighting tooth and nail to bring him back, there might be a permanent return if his new show doesn't take off (god forbid). He has appaeared in the past as well as getting his owm mini webseries, so they wouldn't get any complaints from fans if there was something more permanent on the horizon. We will also find out more about Finn throughout the season, which is weird because aside from being considered the loyal son... What do we really know about him? He was in the coffin the longest after all.

The Mikaelson's aren't the only ones with parental issues.

It turns out that we will be meeting some of the original vampires that the Mikaelson's sired when they originally became vampires, starting their bloodlines. I just wondered how they figured out the logistics on that one since everything about being a vampire from what we had seen in their flashbacks was a learn as you go process. Perhaps some of the characters I wrote about HERE will end up being one of their progeny.... Or they didn't even know they changed them so there is some resentment on being left on their own. Whatever it is, there will always be Mikaelson Family drama.

Freya will Not be going anywhere

She will be around and involved with Hope, but this actually makes me worried. There is no love lost between her and Klaus, but with Davina being so against the family at the moment, she may be the biggest help and ally he could use right now.

Klaus is drawn to some parts of Cami

While she sees the good in him, and is constantly trying to remind him to listen to that part of himself, he sees a darkness in her that is alluring. I mean after she was kidnapped by his father, she was all for going after him, and even saved Klaus from the White Oak stake. And anyone that has seen the badness in Klaus' heart and still not ran, can't be all good themselves.

With so many things to look forward to, I think most of us fans will be in complete excitement to see what season three of this show will hold in store for us.

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