ByTobi Allen, writer at
Some exciting new things are happening. The movie Limitless in a nutshell is the better version of Lucy . An all time loser Eddie Morra (played by Mr. Bradly Cooper) who has no job and was Rescantly dumped by his girlfriend ( played by Abbie Cornish ) is convinced that there is "no light at the end of the tunnel" , no silver lining to his situation and definitely no bright future full of possibilities. But 1 pill changes all of that ,desperate to better himself; Eddie decides to take a pharmaceutical Drug called NTZ. This drug allows Eddie to use 100% of his brain capacity , with Eddie feeling focus and more than confident he rises from a nobody to an elite wealthy person. But as always we can't have our cake and eat it too. Eddie runs into some trouble with the deadly side effects of the drugs and killers who will stop at nothing to aquire the stash, Eddie is taken on a wild ride. This movie was rated a 7.4 out of 10 ( IMBD). Personally this movie was a great movie .Something I could truly enjoy that brought drama , suspense and action to the table all in moderation of course. like I said before EXCITING NEW Things are coming because ,as of right now Limitless has now become a show ! It is due to air this fall 2015 on the CBS network. Yes, Bradley Cooper will be in this series but it is no longer about him but about a young adult Brain Sinclair who takes the pill and aquires 100% of this brain capacity. Instead of using this to increase his Financial gain he uses " his powers for good ". Working with the FBI to stop criminals. A new twist to solving crime but not completely drastic from other shows I've seen before (ex. Intelligence) . This show is going to bring something new to the CBS network and I look forward to watch it exceed all expectations .

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