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Fluffy Duckerman

If you didn't already know, I'm still in high school. I'm currently taking a course in Design and Technology and have been tasked with making a prototype for a monument. This is where you come in.

I've chosen to make my prototype about Comic-Con and I need your guys opinion on this. For a section on the assignment, I have to do a portfolio based on research taken from the community. I can't find anything on the internet about this stuff so I've decided to ask you directly.

Comic-Con's 50th Anniversary comes up in a few years and to celebrate it, I would like to place a monument in front of the San Diego Convention Center permanently. What is your opinion and what would you like on the monument? Also, what do you think the monument will achieve?

Now this scenario is purely hypothetical and will never actually happen. But if it did happen, what would you think about it and what would you want on there? I will take a screenshot of your comments and put them in my portfolio, I will of course be blurring the names out.


What Do You Think About A Monument For Comic-Con?

Please give me your opinions below! Every bit helps and I appreciate it! Have a good day!


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