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In a day and age where reboots, remakes, and sequels basically rule the silver screen, it's always nice to see a work of originality burst through and take us on the joy ride we've been waiting for. The film I'm hinting at here is no other than "Kingsman: The Secret Service" directed by Matthew Vaughn (X-Men First Class, L4yer Cake.) Now Let's take it back to mid-February, opening weekend for "Kingsman" to be exact. My uncle called to see if I was free for a movie that afternoon, and like always when it come to the theater, I was in! However the pickings were slim at best that day. I remember as my uncle began to read me the choices; "Jupiter Ascending?" (pass), "Seventh Son?" (pass), "Taken 3?" (pass pass pass.) Sooner than later we were left with two plausible choices, either see "American Sniper" for the third time, or try this mysterious "Kingsman" film out we both have never heard of. So I did a quick look over of the films details. It had a strong cast (Colin Firth, Samuel L. Jackson, and Michael Caine,) a skilled director, and a good premise. Long story short.. it was enough to get our attention and we were in! We got our tickets, sat down, and watched as the next 129 minutes flew right off the clock.

The plot is simple, yet perfect. A Misfit who's at the end of the line gets a chance to start over and become the spy his father never got to be. He is taken to a top secret training organization where he must compete against other candidates for the one position. It sounds a bit formulaic but trust me it is unlike anything you have seen before. Everything about the film and genre has been revamped and rendered to fit a younger audience of future spy nerds. Almost a mix of Men in Black meets James Bond with a little Harry Potter thrown in there. Sound like a weird combination to you? Sounds like a delicious serving of movie heaven to me!

From car chases, to fight scenes, to cool gadgets, to getting not only the girl, but the princess, this film touches on every base possible for the spy genre. What really locked it down for me though was the absolute rock solid casting. First and foremost the film's showstopper award goes straight to Colin Firth with no competition. Firth play's the senior spy role who is also the mentor to our protagonist. He is cool, suave, debonaire, and will make you question at least once why he was never considered for the role of Mr. James Bond himself. Firth, almost acting as if he was born to play the role, put his all in this one and breezes through it none the less. And for those who have seen it already, the church scene alone solidify's Firth's further casting as an action hero. We also have Michael Caine in the head Kingsman role who is always a pleasure to watch, and surprisingly capable newcomer Taron Egerton as the protagonist Eggsy is yet another show stealer. He proves that it is still possible to kick ass, steal cars, and wear this suit like he was born to, all while having a big heart at the end of the day. I also feel the need to give Sam Jackson the nod of approval for going way way out there with the portrayal of the villainous Valentine. He is by far the funniest character in the film and yet he somehow retains that evil persona so well. However I do have to say the lisp was not for everyone, although I was a fan!

A look of sheer amazement was on my face for a solid hour after the credits. "How have I never heard of this movie before?" "Why was there such little advertising for it?" "When can I see it again!?" These were all questions buzzing through my head. The latter was answered a week later when I went for my second showing. And yes, in case you were wondering, I enjoyed it even more so on the second visit, as expected.

The one thing I will say is keep the children away unless they are alright with a hard R rated movie. The cursing, violence, and nudity is in high volumes on this one folks. Although to the appropriate age levels it is all welcomed!

Please guys go see this movie! Rent it, buy it, or both! Whatever it takes, just trust me on this. It will remain a classic in my list for years to come and it may even be the best spy film of the year (although I'm sure that Spectre is really going to give it a run for its money.)

Thank you guys for reading and I hope you enjoyed as much as I did!

Untill next time,

Ryan Vanfleet


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