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Hello my fellow readers & today I don't have any other Batman V.Superman:Dawn Of Justice/Suicide Squad news BUT I do have some Gotham news for you today.If you don't know what Gotham is,it's a Batman Prequel Show & I personally think it's a good show (until the 16th episode).& I would recommend it to any Batman fans but I wouldn't recommend the past episodes.I would recommend they check out the 16th episode "The Blind Fortune Teller"which was my favorite episode of Season 1.But anyways back on track.Today for this post,I'll be talking about a certain character who is so twisted & well...crazy.Jerome.Jerome is a young boy who was born into the circus business since his mom was a snake dancer but Jerome's mother was...well I'll take Jerome's words for it,"A cold hearted whore".Jerome didn't like how his mother threw herself on men in the circus business & that's technically how Jerome was even created.Because of his mom's sex life.So soon enough he got tired of his mom being a "cold hearted whore"& killed her with a hatchet I'm assuming.But ofcourse he played the "good & innocent boy"act through the entire episode until Gordon finds out Jerome killed his mother with the help of his father who is actually a Blind Fortune Teller.While they were in the interrogation room,Jerome snaps & talks trash about his mom & just snaps on the outside!But in the end he did end up getting locked up.So that's just a little information about Jerome...well maybe it was a long description about Jerome but anyways yeah.But when the promo for the 16th episode premiered after the end of the 15th episode,it ofcourse said that "Gotham's next villain is no joke."Then we see Jerome cry for a split second then start to laugh like a madman.Which that's how people assumed Jerome was the young Joker.Do I personally think Jerome is The Joker?Well...sorta in a way.That was my thought after the promo & also the episode premiered.Until a few months later after Season 1 of Gotham wrapped up & ofcourse news coming out about exploring more on Jerome's story & finally getting a Joker Origin Story (also getting new villains in the next season),This picture on Cameron Monaghan's (the actor who played Jerome if you didn't know) Instagram account was released:

This one picture boosted my thought into thinking if Jerome is The Joker.But ofcourse there was even set photos of Cameron Monaghan on the set of Gotham where he's in this straight jacket like thing & at one point he has a fire hose looking thing & even a gun!Take a look for yourself:

Jerome holding a fire hose like weapon.
Jerome holding a fire hose like weapon.
Jerome holding a gun:#OMG!#OMG!" title="Jerome holding a gun:!">
Jerome holding a gun:!

Even these set photos boost more into my thought about Jerome being The Joker!But ofcourse the show creator Bruno Heller could be pulling an ultimate trick on us when the episode Jerome is in the next season could all officially make us think "This is our young Joker!".But ofcourse I could be looking into this too much since the 2nd season hasn't premiered yet but you never know...Jerome could've been The Joker all along...But then again...Jerome might have a connection with The Joker...he could be related to him...but I guess we got to find out until the 2nd season of Gotham premieres on September 21st,2015 at 8:00 P.M. on the local channels.

So...Do I think Jerome is officially The Joker?

Jerome in the 16th episode of Gotham.
Jerome in the 16th episode of Gotham.

I wanna say yes...but no at the same time.So's a mixed reaction.I know Jerome being The Joker would be awesome & we got to see The Joker when he was young & well...hotter but Jerome could be someone who inspired the actual Joker or if he is related to The Joker.The reason I think Jerome might have a connection with the actual Joker is because was sorta said by the show creator I believe.But it's a mixed reaction for me.End of story.


Do you think Jerome is The Joker?


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