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Trailers just dropped for AMC both Fear the walking dead and the original best-rated show on television Walking dead second only to Game of thrones* (Based on my on own projections). All I have to say is that you need to see these teasers for yourself and tell me which one will be better? Which one are you waiting for?

Here is the trailer for Fear the walking dead the spinoff that is half prequel we get to see what went down during the first days of the walking dead zombie virus.

After I watched that I was excited, giddy, and horrified, What about you???

Don't worry more is happening where that came from. The big brother of zombie tv Walking Dead season 6 released its trailer to end all be all.

Now tell me did that suite your zombie quota for the fall? Are you ready to put up the swimwear and ready to couzie up on the couch and be horrified?? It is ok fi you need a couple of months to get yourself ready.


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