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What is the first thing to pop into your head when you hear "fan art"? Surely is a cool genderbend drawing of your favorite character, or your favorite Disney princess with a creepy dark twist.

It doesn't really matter which fan art is your favorite, it all really comes down to fans taking it into their own hands, maybe a bit literally here.

That's the whole purpose of beign fan of something right? If you are walking around the subway or a shopping mall dressed like your favorite horror movie character without caring about what the guy next to you thinks about, (Yes, if you happen to be the guy next to someone wearing make-up or a costume, they don't care) you are doing something right.

So we asked to our Moviepilot fans to share their artwork with us!

Fan art works that will blow your mind!

You gotta love the take on this predator-style body paint by Claire Brooksbank from Berkeley, CA.

For  the classic lovers.
For the classic lovers.
Somebody got up in a bad mood huh?
Somebody got up in a bad mood huh?

And what about this Scarecrow? by Aaron Markham from Killeen, TX

Ignore the Batman in the back, he's just pretending he doesn't wanna be in the picture.

Bet you wish to find this guy from "The Unwanted Houseguest" lurking around your basement.

Hey there!
Hey there!

And now this fan takes things seriously with this "Big Baby"

Please make my day
Please make my day

"Big Baby" from Hellboy, amazing piece of work by Johanna Kivalo.

Last but not least, one look to what is looks like one of those creepy Djinns from the Wishmaster saga, look by Kait Davison from Vancouver, Canada.

We would like to thank our fans for sending us their amazing work, and also we want to know about your favorite.

For me is the Predator lady, but hey she'll probably kill you, so don't get tricked by her beauty.


Which one was your favorite in this article?

Also if you have a picture that you want to share with us please feel free to do it, by emailing us to [email protected] and leaving your pictures in the comments section


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