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The Big Bang Theory is one of the top comedies around. It has a massive following. It has a great cast. It has been commissioned to go to Season 10! It is the main comedy of today.

But what message does the show portray?

Now I will not go indepth about the Big Bang Theory sypnosis. If you don't know then you must still be in hibernation. However here is a quick premise..

Basically we have four geniuses who work in the same university. Two of the geniuses live together (Leonard and Sheldon). Then they have a new neighbour living across the hall Penny. Right from the start Leonard becomes besotted with Penny. However, Leonard and the guys are geeks. They love everything scifi and fantasy. Penny is the opposite. She is the queen bee. The beautiful girl who likes the jocks. Still this does not stop Leonard for falling for her.

It is at this point that the series gets going. In the first season Leonard pursues Penny to the point of obsession. Now with the premise of the Big Bang Theory. The show is meant to embrace nerd culture. However, the shows creators Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady ironically have no respect for the nerd culture. Even moreso they have no respects for nerds themselves. They do this contempt through Penny and Leanord.

Now as I said, Leonard immediately is obsessed with Penny. Leonard does everything he can to impress Penny. Even being ashamed of what makes Leonard..Leonard.

The perfect example was when the guys were playing Klingon Boggle. Penny walks into the flat (as she does) and asks the guys what they are doing. Howard, answers we were playing Klingon Boggle. In that moment in time Leonard tried to stop Howard from saying this. It was like he was embarrassed. But Leonard played all sorts of games that us geeks loves. But as soon as Penny shows up he changes. He changes everything about himself just to look good in front of Penny. To me this was the first sign of my dislike for the show.

Leonard and Penny. The couple that just does not fit!

Leonards obsession goes through to season 2 and throughout. But again the degradation of what Leonard likes is prominent. I remember the Time Machine episode. When the guys bought a Time Machine from the classic movie "Time Machine" they were buzzing from excitement. Who wouldn't be? Buying an authentic part from a movie is exciting. However, this changed. Penny got upset because she was late for work due to the guys lifting the Time Machine to their apartment. Penny was furious. She ripped the guys apart calling them "pathetic" "immature". Sheldon, Howard and Raj ignored her rant and continued playing on the Time Machine. But Leonard was phased. So Leonard was prepared to give away all his toys, collectibles, comics at a whim. He was prepared to give away what makes Leonard the person he is. Even at the end when Leonard told Penny he needs to do this, she actually said "I'm proud of you". Now to me, this stinks. Lorre and Prady obviously have no respect for our geek culture. I mean is that what geeks are all about? We play our games, read our comics but as soon as a pretty girl comes along we have to change?. This is the question and I really do not like the shows answer.

During the course of the show Penny becomes aware of Leonards feelings. But she (at the time) does not act upon it. Her trepidation was because Leonard is a genius and that Leonard is simply not her type. She feels that they have nothing in common (which they do not). Along comes Dr Underhill. A smart physicist. But there is a difference....Dr Underhill is good looking.

After months of chasing Penny, Penny immediately becomes infatuated with Dr Underhill.

So Penny of course, goes out with Dr Underhill. Leaving Leonard dismayed. So the message of this segment is...that it does not matter what you do. As long as you are good looking. This left a sour taste in my mouth. After the preconceived notion that Penny did not date Leonard because of his job was a lie. It was because Leonard is supposedly not good enough.

Step forward to season three. Leonard finally gets the girl. He and Penny are finally an item. But is this a relationship full of bliss? No its a forced relationship. It's Leonard doing everything he can to impress Penny. Whereas Penny does not return the favour. Already Leonard is the insecure, obsessive, neorotic mess. After a while Leonard tells Penny he loves her. Penny did not say it back. During the episode the guys went bowling. Leonard still miffed that Penny did not say.."I love you". So, Penny finishes with Leonard. Not before Leonard saying the pathetic words.."Just tell me what to do and I'll do it". You see, this relationship was not based on actual affection. It was an image relationship. It was a "Wow Leonard actually got a beautiful girl relationship". That was it.

Penny dumps Leonard.

Now fast forward to an episode that involved Professor Plimpton. She stayed with Sheldon and Leonard for a conference. Her and Leonard slept together (nice one Leonard). The next day Penny needed a ride. She sensed that Leonard had slept with Plimpton. Penny had the audacity to have a go at Leonard! Even though SHE dumped him. Of course at the end of the episode Leonard apologised. Something that he does a lot with Penny.

Leonard and Dr Plimpton. Leonard was still made to look bad even though he did nothing wrong.

Eventually Leonard and Penny reunited. But everything is still the same. Penny contemplates dumping Leonard because she does not know she loves him! I mean come on Lorre and Prady...surely Penny would realise she would know by now! Then there is the awesome Valentines day episode. Leonard did everything he could to make the day a special one. But Penny was so self-obsessed with the fact her ex boyfriend was getting hitched she ignores Leonard. She even verbally kicked Leonard in the balls by saying...

"He's not meant to be happy! What do I have to be happy about?".

A nasty comment indeed. But alas, who makes the first move of reconciliation? Leonard! Surely this was a break up situation. But again Leonard is perceived as weak and dependant on Penny's affection.

Now Penny works at the Cheesecake factory. But she left the factory to work with Bernadette selling medical supplies. And guess what? Penny is fantastic at it. She makes twice as much as Leonard. Everyone loves her. It's all about Penny. Leonard is even more of a whipped man. Penny and Leanord are engaged. However, during work Penny takes off her engagement ring and flirts with potential clients. This understandably upsets Leonard. But Penny tells him to trust her. A pity she didn't take her own advice. I remember when Leonard flirted with Alex. A student working with Sheldon. Penny found out about it and gave Leonard are hard time. So Leonard...apologised again.

Alex Jenson. A student physicist who was probably the best fit for Leonard. She was waisted in the show.
Leonard apologises to Penny for Alex hitting on him! What's wrong with this picture?

All throughout this relationship it's all about Penny. Penny is the alpha in the relationship. It is a given that the show thinks that Penny is normal and Leonard is not. There are countless times when Leonard is the insecure one. The one who should be lucky to have Penny. But why is Leonard lucky to have Penny? Surely it's Penny (in the first seven seasonso) that was the lucky one. Leonard is a acclaimed physicist. He is a genius. He is successful in his field. But we are conditioned into believing that it's Leonard who is fortunate.

Writers have demeaned Leonard even further by making Penny the most successful saleswoman ever! Leaving Leonard to play a lapdog.

Yes, we are led to believe that it's all about Penny. Why? Easy....because Lorre and Prady think that people are like Penny. To them there are millions of people like Penny. And then there are hardly any people like Leonard. So the script is written in that way. Penny is perfect, Leonard is not. In the show we always have Amy to remind us of how perfect Penny is. But again, why does Amy idolise Penny? Amy is a very successful neuroscience Dr. She is successful. Plus she was bullied by people like Penny. So why the administration? You see it doesn't make sense.

Amy like Leonard, dots on Penny even though it really is wrong.

When it comes to image. Lorre and Prady again like to degrade the nerds. Look at Amy again. During the course of the show Amy has been getting confident. Still she wears the wooly tops, long skirts and always wears glasses. Why do they do this? To again, keep focus on Penny.

Balik is stunning!

But this is the way of the show. The group dots on Penny all because she is pretty. That is it. In reality Leonard would of gone out with Alex instead of Penny. Amy and Bernadette would never be friends with Penny. So it's forced. Bullying seems to be the norm in this show. Bernadette use to be a kind hearted, always stuck up for her husband kind of girl. Now, just like Penny, she bullies Howard at every turn. When Howard says anything that upsets him. Bernadette always puts him down. So now we have Penny bullying Leonard emotionally. Now we have Bernadette being a monster. But they have something in common. Penny and Bernadette still do not embrace what Leonard and Howard like. They still believe that they are immature. They have no interest at all in what they do. Flip the coin over, Leonard always helps Penny, always supports what she does, he takes an interest in her. Penny does not do that. Howard you can see loves Bernadette. But it seems like a mother and son relationship now.

Howard and Bernadette were a couple I rooted for. Now it's a relationship full of bullying and ridicule towards Howard.

Real life image!

This is why I get pent up with the show. It insults the image of the fandom. I am an adult who loves to play Gamesworkshop. I love comics and fantasy novels. I go to conventions all the time. I am a bonfied geek. But the Big Bang Theory does not embrace this. It ridicules it. Example...when Penny asks Leonard what he is doing. He replies that we're playing Halo. The audience laughs. But you see, the audience are not laughing with Leonard but laughing at him. To Lorre and Prady this is not normal. But again this goes down to false stereotypical views. I bet Lorre and Prady have never been to a Comicon convention prior to the show. Because if they did, they would know that people of all ages do what the guys do in the show. There are thousands of people who wait for tickets (San Diego Comicon). There are beautiful women who go to the conventions who do not interpret what the show perceives.

A Comicon convention. A place where people from all over the world embrace.
Supposedly conventions are not popular.
Love it...
Very lucky Sith..

The reason I posted these pictures is because I want to dispell the myth that geeky girls are like Amy. Or are like the Emo interpretation. They are not. I have been to conventions and the women are stunning! (Especially when they dress up in their favourite attire ;)).


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