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I remember when I saw Despicable Me for the first time, and thought the minions were brilliant characters and were the funniest and most adorable part of the movie. After watching Despicable Me 2 and the ultimate boost of popularity the minions received all over the world, I had had enough. Their voices were driving me insane and the impossibility of not being able to go anywhere without seeing a minion on a bus, article of clothing or poster was starting to get on my nerves. Finally, when Universal Pictures announced that the minions were getting their own movie, I was planning on skipping it. However, I had the opportunity to see Minions in an advanced screening earlier this week and I have now officially come full circle with the minions.

Before attending the screening, I worked all day at a summer acting camp and after spending a long day with “minions,” I did not feel ready to sit through the movie. The Universal logo in the start of the film lets the audience know that they have walked into the right theater for Minions, as the yellow creatures wearing overalls and goggles sing along to the theme music. The film follows the beloved goofballs as they search for a villain to serve from the Tyrannosaurus Rex to Napoleon Bonaparte. After searching and searching, three individual minions (Bob, Stuart, and Kevin) wander off to New York City to find a leader for their clan while the other minions form a civilization. From that point on, the three minions assist the baddest female villain of them all, Scarlett Overkill (voiced by Sandra Bullock).

As the film went on, I could not take the smile off of my face. That is right, you read the last sentence correctly. I fell in love with the minions again after this movie. Every time they were onscreen, I was giggling and grinning non-stop. I even developed a soft spot for Bob, the most adorable, precious, bald yellow dude with one green, and one brown eye. There is a slight emotional moment near the end of the movie where Bob sheds a tear, which really got to me. The animation is glorious and the animated physical comedy is top notch. In addition, the dark humor in the film is put to great use throughout the movie, leaving the older audience pleased, too. There is a scene in which the minions are sentenced to death and they end up joking around with a guillotine and cannot be hung by a noose because they are neck-less. Brilliant play on a bad situation.

However, this film lacks the character depth in standout animated films like this year’s Inside Out. The film does have its flaws, of course. Sandra Bullock is fine in her voice work, though her character was not given much to do. The minions can carry their own movie, but still, they had no help from the other characters in the film. I really missed their despicable leader, Gru from the previous films. If you have not seen the previous trailer, do not watch it before you see the movie. They show the entire movie within the trailer and that became very underwhelming. Finally, as much as I love a soundtrack filled with classic rock songs from The Doors and Van Halen, the songs were incredibly distracting. The music never seems to fit and as The Beatles and The Who play in the film, it starts to feel like a fan made music video edited with clips of the minions and less like its own movie. It made me really miss the original music of the happily talented Pharrell Williams.

In conclusion - even with the flaws - the movie is majorly entertaining. Kids will really dig it and it definitely has something everyone can enjoy in it. It is definitely worth seeing and a good way to get out of the heat this summer!

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