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'The Pin Ups of Indiana Jones' by Dave Nestler, are an officially licensed limited edition print release from ACME Archives.

The three prints each feature the leading lady from the Indiana Jones trilogy, and are available in two editions: a 13" x 19" giclée print on paper in a hand-numbered limited edition of 125 for $89, and an 18" x 24" giclée on canvas in a signed and hand-numbered limited edition of 95 for $295. They both come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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"Let Me Choose"
by Dave Nestler
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade interpretive artwork featuring Elsa Schneider (Alison Doody)


Elsa Schneider is a frequent appearer on IGN's list of the best bad girls in film. Empire Magazine noted that Alison Doody "achieved the unlikely feat of making a Nazi sympathizer sympathetic".

Alison Doody has acted alongside three actors (Roger Moore, Sean Connery, and Pierce Brosnan) who have portrayed James Bond.

"Do You Have Something Simple, Like Soup?"
by Dave Nestler
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom interpretive artwork featuring Willie Scott (Kate Capshaw)


The character was named after Steven Spielberg's dog.

Kate Capshaw died her hair blonde for the role so she would be seen as a complete contrast from Marion Ravenwood, Indy's girlfriend from Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Capshaw and Spielberg married. She still is the leading lady in his life. The couple will be celebrating their 25th Anniversary next year.

"Indy... The Torch is Going Out"
by Dave Nestler
Raiders of the Lost Ark interpretive artwork featuring Marion Ravenwood (Karen Allen)


The screenwriter for Lost Ark, Lawrence Kasdan named Marion after his wife's grandmother. Her last name comes from one of the local streets (Ravenwood Lane) that Kasdan lived near.

The role was written with Amy Irving in mind. Irving was Steven Spielberg's on- and-off again girlfriend at the time the script was written, but off when the two broke up shortly before filming began. Irving and Spielberg were married for four years (1984-1989). The divorce settlement was one of the richest awarded at the time, over a $100 million.

Debra Winger turned down the role. Other actresses considered for Marion-- Barbara Hershey and Sean Young.

Marion never became a permanent girlfriend to Indy because producer George Lucas decided it would be best for Indy to have a different girlfriend in every film.

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