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Many of us have wondered how our favorite videogame characters would look like in a live action movie, with some awful results, because when it comes to portraying said characters the bar is raised high.

So what does it take to have a videogame franchise to be succesfully translated to the big screen? We have some sugestions for it!

A great cast

One thing is that a good actor/actress looks like your favorite videogame hero and a totally different one is that your actor/actress can actually feel the character, in majority good actors can relate to the characters they are portraying to make their performances better, but sometimes that is just not enough for cinema, in this case we expect said actor/actress to experience the videogame, to feel it and to know that thrill of playing a game like everybody else does.

A great vision

A lot of the videogame to movie adaptations lack of something essential, VISION... When the filmmakers take part in a videogame adaptation sometimes they try to give a fresher look, because what would be the point in making a film exactly as you see the videogame? Well, that's exactly what we expect to see, even if you already played the game you are eager to see how are they doing that one scene that almost made you cry in a videogame, or that other where you struggled so hard to beat a boss and you finally made it.

It's out of simple curiosity, but that's what we want to see.

So this being said, here we have 3 video game to movie adaptations that we are dying to see.

1. Gears of War



Everybody loves action films, and what other action videogame than one of the games that changed the way we play.

This game has everything we love about action movies.

A bad-ass hero, a post-apocalyptic environment, crazy weapons like the Lancer's rifle chainsaw-bayonet and of course: Enemies, lots of them a relentless horde of enemies willing to wipe out mankind from existence.

All of this combined with a variety of deep and interesting characters like Dominic Santiago (hero's best friend) Augustus "the train Cole" (team's beatstick) and Damon Baird (the typical genius that everybody hates/loves) among many other great characters.

2. Dead Space


One great idea.

The returning of a genre so loved by fans, a culture that started out back in the days with great action/horror sci-fi movies like Alien.

Dead Space has it all.

The abandoned space station, the perfect hero, who is not a born warrior, but he will do anything in his hands to survive and solve all the riddles behind the mysterious slaughter aboard the space station.

Plus; the much gore, watching people you probably knew turning into undead alien-parasitic creatures that will feed on you unless you get your stuff toghether and start shooting off limbs.

And last but not least, the dark, oppressive and deadly environment created by the fact that you are probably the only living person aboard that cursed station.

Really, is it too much to ask Hollywood?

3. God of War


Epic to a new level

Ok, we have seen a few movies about Olympians, anywhere from the Percy Jackson series to Clash of the titans, the first one was a bit twisted for a not-so-incestuos version of olympian Gods.

And the second one arguably respectable, due to the fact that some of the actions scenes were, well not that good. But hey let's give them some credit, because if Zeus the king of Olympus is played by Liam Neeson, that's a statement.

But in our case, we want to see fantasy and epic at its best, and what other videogame better for this than the God of War series? Yes, some of you could mention The Elder Scrolls, but let's face it...The Elder Scrolls needs a full T.V. show to make justice to it.

And what is so atractive about GoW for a movie?

The hero, or in this case anti-hero Kratos... A bloodthirsty warrior driven by lust for power and revenge, betrayed and separated from his family by the same Gods that were using him.

We can see Kratos literally whacking olympian Gods and Titans one by one and nobody's stopping him. Action, blood and really cool monsters make the perfect formula for this adaptation.

Anyway, let us hope that someone will hear us and we may soon see one of this adaptations in our nearest movie theather.

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