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Okay, so I was having a conversation with my brother tonight. We are planning a trip to the USA, next year to go to Comic-Con. We are both massive nerds/geeks to the max - my little brother is a gamer and has also (in my personal opinion) got some serious potential in game design. He has made some great little technical animations. His 'Invasion of the Teapots' was actually quite scary.

Well, I was telling him about some friends of mine who had been to comic-con a couple of years ago, on their honeymoon and they had a photo of this store that sells dice. Dice by the scoop or specialised dice sets. Now whilst my brother is a gamer and also joins me, my husband and 4 other mates for our fortnightly &D session and does have a set of dice, he does not comprehend the importance of those tiny little spheres/cubes/etol. He had the audacity to ask, why do you need MORE dice?

I was deeply mortified, both at his lack of understanding (I would have thought it was pretty self explanatory), but also because I fear he is slipping away from the light and losing his geek powers.

Now I am a gamer and I especially love & gaming.

I know that dice are the life force for a very large percentage of table top games and any gamer knows that when you crack the lid on your new set of dice, it is like a little piece of sunshine and hope.

Hope that the dice will NOT be a 1 and you will hit the evil creature with your amazing attack... plan. That perfect moment your Level 4 monk goes in for the double back flip into a pirouette punch.. Only to roll a *gulp* 1. I don't know if you are aware, but monks don't tend to use weapons much, they don't need to. They have fists of fury... But if you roll a 1, your DM - that is Dungeon Master for the uninitiated - gets this exceptionally evil glint and smile on his face. He then says, roll a D20. You pray that you roll a 20, because that is the only thing that will save you. Breaking every bone in your body is not really something you want to comprehend.

There comes this moment, when you just know that your dice hate you.

Sorry ... the point - well it is that even though at times it seems the dice hate you, there are those moments where everything cosmically aligns and you find that perfect die, the one crafted by Merlin out of the tears of the Lady of the Lake. The moment, you roll that D20 and you roll a natural 20. You have hit that creature, no matter what it is (and 90ish% of the time, it is a critical hit).

You have truly completed that perfect double backflip, into a pirouette - first attack hitting the creature with your quarterstaff for a critical double damage hit; following up with activating a special ki ability to get a bonus attack - a flurry of blows (double punch) with activated fists of fire - the Gods Blessed D20 gets you 2 more almost - if not - perfect attacks. And your turn is done.

Fist Pump and Hail Mary's from your fellow party members. Who all look at the mystical Merlin Dice with awe.

No joke - My lvl 4 monk really killed a giant toad like that once - totally exploded him. It was AWESOME.

So really, Dude! Dice are Awesome.


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