ByKari Carlisle, writer at

In the year 2134 I am the leader of a small team wandering through the desert landscape, fighting off outlaws and not only surviving, but thriving in this brave new world. Why are we thriving? Because we have a particular set of skills that enables us to defend ourselves, obtain food, water and shelter, patch wounds, heal illness, and otherwise solve any problems that come our way. On top of our combined skills, we work great together as a team.

Since I can choose any three characters from movies, television and gaming to be on my team, I chose carefully to ensure that the group brings the skills we need and also that we would function holistically and sustainably.

Our first order of business is survival, and I chose Hawkeye from The Last of the Mohicans to join my team. Though he is new to this desert environment, his survival skills translate well. He is providing plenty of food and water as well as shelter. He is also a patient teacher as he shows the rest of us how to hunt together as a group.

With bands of outlaws ever on our trail, Hawkeye is also expert at fighting and strategy. For additional protection, the next team member I selected is River Tam from Firefly and Serenity to be our combat expert. River can shoot outlaws with her eyes shut and single-handedly kill dozens of reavers at a time. Those outlaws have learned to keep their distance from us! River is also a super-genius and can read minds. She and Hawkeye have the most interesting conversations.

Despite the battle experience we have with Hawkeye and River, wounds and sometimes illness can be a problem, so we need someone with medical skills. Hawkeye and River can help in this regard, but I have added Dr. Leonard McCoy from Star Trek to our team. Though sometimes his glass-half-empty attitude sometimes frustrates the rest of us, I feel it’s necessary to have a pessimist to be the voice of reason at times. He’s not only great at keeping us all going physically, he is also good at forcing us to think through our decisions.

And who am I? I am the glue that holds this team together. With degrees in anthropology and theology and experience in management and cross-cultural team-building, I keep this team working together. Apocalypse? What apocalypse? We’re doing just fine….


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