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I know this isn't movie related, but this is my first post and Fallout was a pretty good subject - so, are you guys excited for Fallout 4? I mean, after Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas, this has to be good, right? According to Bethesda, Fallout 4 will have MANY new features in Fallout 4 than Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas. Some are quite disappointing, others are what we've been asking for. Here are 10 new things coming to Fallout 4!

1. Character Creator

Now, I know right now you're probably thinking "They've had a character creator since Fallout! How is this new?" Well, in Fallout 4, you can now shape your facial features. Have you played Sims before? Have you used the "Detail Edit Mode"? Well this is pretty much what that is. You can shape any part of your face to your liking! If you wanted your Fallout character to look like Nigel Thornberry, it can! If you want him to look like Spongebob, well, maybe not.

2. You can see the world before it turned in to the Wasteland

Unlike the other games in the Fallout series, you get to see the world before everything bad happened. You can grab a refreshing Nuka Cola without getting Radiation! Finally! But, you're only in the world before the apocalypse for maybe 10 minutes, so grab all the Nuka Cola's you can.

3. A Dog!

To some people, getting a fluffy, cute, and adorable companion in a game is useless. Well not if that fluffy, cute, and adorable companion can fight with you and retrieve stuff for you! That's right! In Fallout 4 you come across a dog (presumably a German Shepard) you can take the dog with you as a companion, or tell him off. You can ask the dog to go get something for you, and if you're being attacked or if you hit something, the dog will help you and attack your target!

4. You can play games on your Pip-Boy!

This isn't super big to the game, but it's still awesome. Once you retrieve your Pip-Boy, you can search the capital wasteland for games to play on your Pip-Boy! Now, instead of doing the actual missions, I can play Donkey Kong all day!

5. A voiced protagonist

Do I have to write anything about this? It says it right there.

6. You can customize Power Armor and Weapons

Finally! Now I can mix a Fat man and a Rock-It-Launcher? Not exactly, but you can customize weapons! You can take a regular Laser pistol, and turn it in to something entirely new! There are over 700 modifications that you can add to Power Armor and weapons!

7. Transportation

As you could see in the trailer, Fallout 4 introduces new modes of transportation in the form of the gunship, but Howard (Game director of Bethesda Game Studios) says they aren't doing cars or anything as well. You could also see jet packs in the power Armor!

8. You can build

You can finally build in Fallout! Build your house, a town, and even turrets! It's (almost) limitless! Now scrap metal and useless stuff isn't useless anymore!

9. You can wear an actual Pip-Boy

Yes, Bethesda made an actual Pip-Boy. Currently, it's sold out, but hopefully they'll restock. Anyway, the real life Pip-Boy goes on your wrist, and you can put your phone in it! How fun. No, really. Instead of having to bring up your Pip-Boy in game all the time, you can do it in real life, and it will work in game! Yay! Right Below this is the E3 Fallout 4 conference if you want to watch it!


Are you guys excited for Fallout 4? If I missed anything, tell me!


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