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2016 is a big year for both MCU and DCU. Marvel have Civil War and WB have Batman v Superman.

Both movies are huge in their own right. Subconsciously, fans are immediately going to compare one to the other. Fans are going to debate which was better. Fans will be critical of either movie. It's what fans, especially comic book fans do. You in truth have a team Marvel or a team DC. Me, i like all comic brands. However, i follow Marvel titles moreso. The same will be said of most fans.

Disney and WB will be also be looking to outdo each other. I really can not buy this "Marvel and DC are friends" notion. Both are the biggest selling comic distributers. The same goes for the motion pictures. Marvel have Disney and DC have WB. Again both will be looking to beat another.

So let's look at both movies. Civil War is based on the classic story involving the Registration Act. Batman v Superman pits two icons together for the ultimate battle.

But what movie has more depth? That would be Civil War. Civil War is a brilliant story. Telling a classic story from comic to film is a daunting task. But the Russos, who did a brilliant job in the Winter Soldier,are more than capable.


Civil War is about the Registration Act. It started because some inexperienced superheroes and a villian caused a huge accident. In which innocent people died. Tony Stark wanted to pass motion on a Registration Act. This would mean all superheroes would be registered superheroes but also all hero's must unmasked themselves. Steve Rogers opposed this saying that it takes away their civil liberty but also puts loved ones in danger.

Peter Parker (who followed Stark but went to Rogers) unmasked himself to the world.

So that is Civil War. A story of such depth and character development. It is a imperative story. So it goes to a motion picture. Judging by the on set pictures, Civil War looks to be progressing.

Chris Evans on set of Civil War.
Anthony Mackie looks awesome in his new suit!

Elizabeth Olsen on set...

Now one thing that MCU have that WB do not have is stability. Marvel have implemented their universe well. They did not rush their franchise unlike WB are doing with Batman v Superman. No Marvel took their time and now are going to develop the big stories....can not wait for the Infinity Wars!! Civil War will have expectations because people are familiar with the story. But if rumours are true we are looking at the first superhero v superhero battle to be screened for the first time!

Civil War ends in a major battle that will have everlasting consequences of the superhero world.

There will be a huge buzz no doubt. Where Marvel have no real pressure on this movie Batman v Superman does. The pre production has been up and down. First, it was classed as a Man of Steel sequel. To which even the staff were not sure. Then there was the year long delay. Many feel that WB were confident in going against Age of Ultron. Then the casting decisions are somewhat surprising. Anyway,. WB are putting all their hopes and dreams into this ONE movie. Because they know that MCU are so far ahead. So they panicked. This movie will make or break the DCU. Don't get me wrong, people will see the movie just to see how the two icons go. But the crucial base is the after review. If this movie fails then WB will be hurting.

Superman and Batman go toe to toe.

All the production shambles has a knock on effect. People will realise that WB could not make up there mind if the movie was a Man of Steel sequel. Then it turns out it's a Justice League movie...for a major corporation that is a joke!

What is the plot for Batman v Superman?

This is what we know. After the events of Man of Steel. Opinions are divided about Superman being a savour or a menace. Batman wants Superman to answer for his part for Waynes staff dying in Metropolis. It is at this point they (supposedly) come to blows. All the while the villian Lex Luthor is pulling the strings.

That to me, is a non surprising plot. It's actually predictable. For me, Marvel do have the right product. In Civil War (which will be a three hour epic) the movie will cater for all ages. Batman v Superman has no humour, no character development at all..talking about Batman!

Between the two movies. Civil War is in better shape. They seem to be organised and efficient. Plus with a great cast and story, Civil War will be epic. Still remains to be seen if Batman v Superman is..


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