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I'm a mess but hi!
Gucianu Catalina

The question''Who are your apocalyptic pals ?'' got me unprepared.It took me a few minutes to think about that,but then I was like''Wait a sec,isn't Bear Grylls that man who pees in a cup and survives every freaking thing?''or''What about Stewie Griffin?Isn't he like... a genius ?And then...''Holy apocalyptic thing''!How about Rick Sanchez?He is a genius,he is the master of sarcasm,and he is my spirit animal.

So here is my team:

  • 1.Rick Sanchez: Not only is this guy a genius,but I could also use some fun during my surviving process.He is realistic,and he is rude and constantly funny .I would totally be bored without him,and I am pretty sure Rick will be useful with his inventions.
  • 2.Bear Grylls:

It's pretty strategic if you think,I mean,this guy knows all the places around the world,he knows how to hunt,he is in good shape,so if I am going to die in the apocalyptic thing,at least someone will survive to tell the world how flawless I was.

  • 3.Stewie Griffin:

Stewie is another member that could be really useful,because he is really smart,and evil.I need evil,DO YOU GET IT?If it's the apocalypse,I need someone who is not going to be a drama queen all the time.


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