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Marvel is king of live action comic book based movies. [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035) is still running in theaters, 3 months after its release. In those 3 months, I've seen it 5 times (I'm in college. I have long summers).

The first live action Marvel movie I saw was 2003's Hulk starring Eric Bana. The Hulk looked like he was made out of plastic and the story wasn't engaging. It had a good heart and it showed potential. But it still lacked the charm that Lou Ferrigno's TV show had. But then came Iron Man in 2008 with its slick visuals, engaging story and of course - Robert Downey Jr.

Since then, Marvel has really come into its zone. Captain America: The Winter Soldier had raw power and I almost peed myself while watching Guardians of the Galaxy. But when you think of live action DC, the most awesome movies that come to mind are the Batman movies directed by Christopher Nolan. Superman hasn't had too many good films and Green Lantern was painful to watch. But there is one area where Marvel will always be second. Animated DC movies have no equal. The most fun I had while watching animated Marvel characters was when the Avengers visited Phineas and Ferb. For this list, all DC Animated Universe movies will be considered.

5. Superman/Batman Apocalypse

The movie's title may suggest Superman and Batman but Kara Zor-el and Wonder Woman have an equal part in this fantastic movie. Based on the Michael Turner illustrated comic book, this movie also has one of the most impressive and powerful interpretations of the god like Darkseid . In the movie, Supergirl crash lands on Earth after the events in Public Enemies. Superman welcomes his biological cousin with open arms and teaches her the ways of Earthlings but Batman remains suspicious. Enter Wonder Woman (tipped off by Batman) to ambush Kara and take her away to her Amazon home of Themyscira to teach her how to control her powers. Basically, Darkseid develops a crush on Supergirl, brainwashes her and takes her to Apokolips. The big three of the Justice League then travel to the planet where, in the end, Batman uses his intellect to rescue Kara . Darkseid travels to Earth to kill Superman and a lengthy 2 versus 1 battle between the Man of Steel, his cousin and Darkseid ensues. Like always, the heroes triumph and all is well. Some fans accuse the movie of not showing the depth that the comic book has and instead relies on physics bending battles and slick animation to capture the audiences. While it might be true to some extent, the chemistry between the voice actors and the portrayal of Superman's relationship with his cousin is quite nice. Isn't that what the Justice League is all about?

4. Batman: Gotham Knight

This has to be one of the most creative films on this list. The events in this movie take place between those depicted in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. The movie is divided into six parts, each animated by a different anime studio. The movie focuses on showing the more human side of Batman while he takes on the mob and other villains like Killer Croc and the Scarecrow. Featuring the talents of Studio 4C, Production I.G., Bee Train, and Madhouse, the movie received good reviews from critics and fans alike and people said that this movie was a fresh take on the Dark Knight. Beautiful visuals, a deep story and Kevin Conroy returns as the Caped Crusader again (I'm a huge fan of the dude).

3. Justice League: War

Based on the Justice League: Origin story after the 2011 DC Universe reboot, this movie features a Superman who, thankfully, doesn't wear his underwear outside his pants. This movie also tells us how the big 7 of the super team came to work together against Darkseid (featured again on this list). The animation is crisp, the sound is spot-on, and the dialogue, especially Green Lantern's , has a nice bite. The movie doesn't become too boring while trying to show each character's backstory, and the scene in which the Justice League actually becomes the Justice League is brilliant. The opinion between critics is divided, but who cares? The amount of satisfaction that the film offers far outweighs its cons.

2. The Dark Knight Returns: Part 1

I'm not considering the second part of this film series for my list. While the battle between Batman and Superman is cool, the plot is confusing, the pacing is irregular, and the dialogue is a bit wonky. The Joker in that movie is probably the most boring interpretation that I've come across (You might think otherwise). The first movie is truly awesome. Once it introduces all the plot points and characters to the audience, the film really picks up. The voice acting could have been better, but I like the fact that the dialogue hasn't been changed much from the comic books. The fight sequences are awesome and I enjoyed watching an older, McDonald's overdosed Batman. Frank Miller's series is one of the most beloved comics about the Dark Knight and this movie is no different.

1. Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

You should have seen this coming from a million miles away. This movie was released at the time when Batman: The Animated Series was on TV. I loved the show and I actually have the DVDs of all the seasons. This movie packed a great punch. After watching this movie, I felt like I was hit by Thor's hammer covered in an Iron Man suit. Although produced way back in '93 , this movie is the benchmark by which other animated superhero movies are measured against. It's got a great plot and it introduces audiences to Andrea Beaumont, a one time flame of Bruce Wayne, and the Phantasm , a ruthless vigilante who is mistaken for Batman by the public. The neo-noir style camera angles and the dark and shaded animation are inspired by Tim Burton's films. The soundtrack fills you with nostalgia and I can go on and on for hours. Basically, the film is made by brilliant creators at the top of their game.

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