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Ever since Mark Ruffallo made his first appearance as Hulk in Avengers. He has gained in popularity. And rightfully so. He was excellent as Banner and Hulk (although was not a fan of Hulk walking like a Gorilla). His part of the character epitomises what the Hulk should be. However, a solo Hulk movie is in development hell. The reason for this is rights. Universal Studios had the rights since Ang Lees Hulk. Universal had first option to make a Hulk sequel but decided not to do it. All the while Disney and Marvel COULD make a movie but would have to get permission off Universal. They are both well in their rights to share.

Mark Ruffallo has made Hulk his own.

So what's the problem really? If Disney can make a deal with Sony to share Spiderman. Surely they could with Universal about equal rights to the solo movie. Universal have no plans to make a solo so what's the issue.

Well the issue really lays with Disney and Marvel. It's obvious before Ruffallo came along that the Incredible Hulk was always going to be the last Hulk solo. However, they did not consider Ruffallos popularity. But the real issue is the congestion schedule. Marvel had announced their nine movie in five years plan. To them there is no time. I can not buy that. Ever since Marvel and Sony brokered the deal to share Spiderman. Spiderman is getting his solo movie in 2017. This was AFTER Marvel announced the nine movie roster. So why does Spiderman have a solo but no Hulk?

Tom Holland will play Spiderman solo in 2017.

This is what confuses me. Marvel have bent over backwards to accommodate one of their stars (which I understand). But will not for the Hulk? Both are identical in franchise. Both are owned by separate distributers, both had other movies out prior. So I ask again why no Hulk?

I think that Marvel are missing an opportunity. They surely must realise how popular the Hulk is. Hypothetically, if they did make a Hulk solo. They could go anywhere with him. A potential prequel of how he became Hulk. A direct movie straight after the Age of Ultron movie. If they made it, as the classic Field of Dreams say...they will come.

Hulk in action.

I do think that we have the best actor for the Hulk. I see a great potential franchise leading up to and hopefully Planet Hulk. So really Marvel get your finger out!!




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