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First time I learned about alien visitations, invasions and abductions were on the History Channel, years back, when I was young, not sure how old. It was a documentary and its title I don’t even remember anymore. Though, I knew of aliens, always, that they lived in space. However, a documentary was more enticing. It got me inquisitive. If you ask me, if any life is out there, the answer would be yes, certainly. I believe that life somewhere, in some star, does exist. There’s no way we’re alone.

Documentaries, as years passed, I’m not sure how many of them, I’ve seen, or, how many articles I’ve read about the abductions, their visits, 1947 Roswell UFO incident, being one of them, and always a favorite. But, films, the feature lengths, tackling the subject matter, especially the titles that are more realistically written and directed, opened my mind even more. To go over, all that the film industry has done, there are numerous titles to name, with different plots, conflicts—aliens represented in different shapes and forms. But I think the realistic ones that are made, and the ones that will be written and directed are important. To understand why they are important, and why they must be understood, the plot, the ideas of life out there with them, will depend on a film’s realistic approach by taking the subject matter thoughtfully. Those films must create, invent, flourish always a sense of wonderment.

To go deeper, dive in-depth, in order to explain the quintessence of life out there will take more than an article obviously. But, I’ve listed some films below as examples, not for they are just personal favorites. No matter in what shape or form aliens are shown in these respective films, the idea of their existence has always made me wonder, especially the ways their habits are written, their desires, and whether they are on Earth to save or wipe out our species, it is always essential I believe to understand at least what the motives of the writers/directors are. What the artists have thought of aliens.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956):

Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977):

Predator (1987):

Contact (1997):

Signs (2002):

Alien (1979):

District 9 (2009):

Avatar (2009):

Prometheus (2012):

Under the Skin (2013):

We can't predict how many films we'll get to see as the years go by, though my only hope is that we finally find a way to get in touch and find out ourselves if the aliens are going to help us change our world, and let us change them for the better, if needed. The question is how far are we to reach them? Or, how far are they to reach us? But, thanks to cinema, we'll always look up at the sky and wonder.

Are we making more films about aliens? Yes. But not sure how many like I said above. One director whose film that I'm looking forward to is Denis Villeneuve (Prisoners, Sicaro, Enemy); he's currently filming Story of Your Life (2016) with Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner. The idea, its plot, sounds quite enticing, I must say.


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