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Marvel Fan but a huge Batman fan and I know my shyt

I was asked the other day if I thought the 'Superhero Cinematic Universe and Television Universe' is being watered down with Marvel paving the way and DC playing catch up. I thought about this a lot, my answer s not a simple as I want.

Yes I can see how Comic book fans can say that maybe the comic book route in the movies may have been not a smooth as fans would want.. but in my opinion if the most hardcore fan can appreciate the effort and lets just be straight here.. it takes real balls to try to take a Comic Universe and turn it into a live action Universe whether TV or Movies, and even though not all Comic Movies are blockbusters, but they aren't exactly crap... maybe not what I expected in the film but I can see what thy were trying to do.

I am gonna use a movie that a) Wasnt as known to fans as other Marvel Comics but had its own fan base B) it has a talking Raccoon and Groot.

The reason I chose Guardians of the Galaxy is because I am one of those fans that only knew very little about them.. I knew the premise of who they were and what they do and that was it. Once I watched the movie I among millions fell in love with the Guardians. My point is not all of us Fanboys and girls are not always gonna be happy about a film. Now I know I should be excited for upcoming movies like BvS and all the Marvel films and Netflix shows. I am looking forward to the movies but I am also a bit weary of them being over hyped. Also I think Age of Ultron is getting a bad rap because it tried to make the movie with more depth then action or more story telling then the fun that first Avengers was.. and The first Avengers was fun to watch.

I am passionate about film and writings. I have no intentions of causing riffs or arguments.. this is simply my opinion.. but always up for a discussion of Comics and such


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