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Hall H was full of anticipation with fans of the show Once Upon a Time waiting to have their answers to burning questions while getting to see just a glimpse of what the season had in store for them.

While a lot of the news as of late has been regarding the "Dark Swan" or the people of Camelot coming to Once, there was an added surprise with the news that a certain famous archer making her way to the Enchanted Forest! It appears that Amy Manson, of Being Human fame, will be taking on the role of Merida from Brave in Season 5.

Amy Manson
Amy Manson

Not only does Manson look the part of Merida, but she also hails from Aberdeenshire in Scotland, meaning she definitely has the authentic Merida accent down as well!

Quite a few similarities...
Quite a few similarities...

However the announcement of Merida wasn't the only thing during the Once Upon a Time panel to excite the fans.

Turning to the dark side

Good girl gone bad
Good girl gone bad

Emma has definitely gone full evil. In the clip shown that teased her as the Dark One, she was shown in her cell - the very same one that used to house Rumpelstiltskin. The clip shows a man coming towards her and saying that he was told she was a monster, she then darkly replies "Only on the inside" as she takes his heart and crushes it. Brutal.

I'm not saying I hate the new look, and I had already seen the first look pics, but there is something a little strange about how this look comes off. I will definitely have to see more scenes to really gauge how I feel about it.

Other news from the panel:

Rumpelstiltskin is now in a coma after the darkness left him, but the good news is that now he has a pure heart! However the character still has some trickiness about him. I'm not so sure about that pure heart, because he only became a trickster after the Dark One curse, and frankly I never can quite trust Gold after all he's done.

Hook may have a connection with the Camelot crew, at least it seems like he's gotten to know most people in his travels. Creator Adam Horowitz had this to say about it:

Camelot exists in a parallel timeline, it’s existed. How we portray it and show you, it’s existed long ago, short ago and maybe in the future. It may have co-existed with [when Hook was in the Royal Navy].

Intriguing! It will be interesting to see how this particular storyline with Hook plays out.

Regina is finally realizing that she can be happy and Robin is in love with her.

And finally the 100th episode of Once Upon a Time will be special, and is planned as the spring premiere. Can you believe that the show has been going for almost 100 episodes? Crazy!

It looks like Once Upon a Time creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis have a lot of great things planned for the fans in Season 5 and certainly won't leave us disappointed. Can't wait to see how these new details will play out in the coming season

Once Upon a Time returns to ABC for season 5 on Sunday September 27th.

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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